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Halter kits are simple to assemble and make the perfect beginner's tackmaking projects! Inexpensive, yet complete, these kits contain the Instructions, Leather, Hardware and Patterns needed to assemble one Halter and matching Lead Shank. Adjustment buckles allow you to fit a halter to a variety of models, and our slotted halter rings add a super-realistic touch.

Each kit also comes with alternate sizing so that you can create a halter for models with somewhat larger or smaller sized heads. Save the instruction sheets for future projects!
Decorative Halter Plates and Buckles can be purchased separately for the plain Stock and Show Headstall kits.

Stock Halter Kit
Stock Halter Realistic styling, adjustable buckle, chain chin strap...this kit is the perfect beginners project! Slotted rings make this halter ultra-realistic, and decorative plates or buckles can be purchased separately.

This plain stock halter kit is suitable for many breeds and is the usual style for showing stock-type horses, such as Quarter Horses, Appaloosas and Paints.

Available in Black, Brown and Rust colors.
Traditional Scale Stock Halter Kits
KH1t-k--Black Stock Halter Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
KH1t-b--Brown Stock Halter Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
KH1t-r--Rust Stock Halter Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
Classic Scale Stock Halter Kits
KH1c-k--Black Stock Halter Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00
KH1c-b--Brown Stock Halter Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00
KH1c-r--Rust Stock Halter Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00

Show Headstall Kit for Light Breeds
Light Breed Show Headstall This Light-Breed style show headstall is one type of halter used in halter classes or "in-hand" type showing for Arabians and others.

The long chain leadshank is used as a chin strap, and both the crown and throatlatch are adjustable.

Available in Black, Brown and Rust color.
Traditional Scale Light Breed Show Headstall Kits
KH3t-k--Black Show Headstall Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
KH3t-b--Brown Show Headstall Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
KH3t-r--Rust Show Headstall Kit--Traditional Scale--$4.00
Classic Scale Light Breed Show Headstall Kits
KH3c-k--Black Show Headstall Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00
KH3c-b--Brown Show Headstall Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00
KH3c-r--Rust Show Headstall Kit--Classic Scale--$4.00

Deluxe Stock Halter Kit
Deluxe Stock Halter Be ready for the shows with this kit complete with three decorative halter plates, a fancy buckle with tongue and keeper, and even a working snap on the lead shank! (working snap available on Trad scale kit only)

This kit is a bit more difficult than the plain kit, but just a little experience with our plain kits will help you along.

Available in Black and Brown color.
Traditional Scale Deluxe Stock Halter Kits
KH2t-k--Black Deluxe Stock Halter Kit--Traditional Scale--$14.50
KH2t-b--Brown Deluxe Stock Halter Kit--Traditional Scale--$14.50
Classic Scale Deluxe Stock Halter Kits
KH2c-k--Black Stock Halter Kit--Classic Scale--$11.00
KH2c-b--Brown Stock Halter Kit--Classic Scale--$11.00

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