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Black Matte Cow Roughout
Odd lots, close-out and discontinued leathers are featured on this page. Sometimes we just can't get any more or it is no longer made. Sometimes we've discontinued some leathers to clear the decks for newer offerings. Take advantage of the pricing and get them while you can!
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Black Matte CowLimited item
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Black Matte Cow, as its name suggests is a good black top-grain leather with a matte surface finish. It is a little more supple and stretchy than the Black Kip (above) and slightly thinner. Black Matte Cow is stretchy both with and across the grain, making it a good choice for leather projects that require the leather to be formed and shaped. The difference between these two leathers is much easier to feel, than to describe!

Available only in black color, this leather is suitable for english saddles and tack, harness items, and small-scale western and other tack items.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces.
Limited stock — Available until sold out.
Black Matte Cow
Thickness: .7mm or .027" or <1/32" — [Range: .025 - .030"]
Weight:2 - 2.5 oz.
Black Matte Cow LCM2 Black Matte Cow, 5x6" $2.00
Black Matte Cow LCM4 Black Matte Cow, 10x6"

Roughout Leather
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Roughout Leather

Available until sold out.
This thin roughout vegetable tanned sheep hide works well for projects where you need the roughout texture at an economical price. Also useful for "building up" areas to be covered with other leathers. Both sides of this leather have the rough "flesh" texture, the texture may vary between sides, but can be sanded to enhance or increase the fleshy nap.
This leather is moderately firm, with a minor amout of stretch. Natural color only.

Available in 8.5x5.5" pieces.
Limited stock — available until sold out.

Natural Roughout
Thickness: 1.5mm or .058" or <1/16" — [Range: .050 - .065"]
Weight: 2 - 2.5 oz.
Roughout LK7nro Roughout, Natural 8.5x5.5"
Vegetable-Tanned Sheepskin

Leather Swatch Cards
See and feel a small sample of the leathers and colors we carry with these swatch cards you can save for reference.
LCD1– Basic Leathers–$3.00 w/order
LCD2– Suede Colors– $3.00 w/order

*LCD1p– Basic Leathers–$4.50
*LCD2p– Suede Colors–$4.50
*–if you order both cards together
(outside of a regular order) , the total for both is $7.50
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