Matriarch has been Updated to Phase 2 (P2)!
She's got a new short show mane, and a smooth flowy tail. She is currently in production as an open edition and will be replacing the original (P1) version. We can still get a few more castings of the original version at this time (solid or hollow) until the mold runs out (as of January 2015).

Presenting. . .
the stock horse mare you've been waiting for


Traditional Scale Foundation Stock Horse Mare
Resin-Cast, Unpainted, Open Edition

7-7/8" At Eartips -- 6-7/8" At Withers -- 11" Nose-to-Tail

Sculpted By Carol Williams

         From the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary...

A female who rules or dominates a family, group, or state, specifically -- a mother who is head and ruler of her family and descendants
Matriarch Phase 2 Matriarch Original
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"Matriarch" represents a fine example of a foundation-bred stock horse type mare. Her gentle but alert attitude, sturdy bone and muscular build all indicate a mare destined to leave her mark upon her offspring. From the elegant arch of her neck to her capacious barrel for her future foals, she is depicted here as a young mare in her prime. This is a mare who can perform and prove herself at work or show, and yet also be equally at home with every rider in the family. Her confident, yet quiet demeanor signify her status within the herd ... and her ultimate destiny to establish a dynasty . . .

The type of mare one can build a breeding program around, and create a legacy . . .

. . . a Matriarch
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