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Park Horse

Limited Edition of 125

Edition is Closed

The Arabian Park Horse is a beautifully detailed, sculptural depiction of an arabian horse in an elegant trotting pose.

Each copy has been hand finished and painted in oils by the original sculpting artist, Carol Williams.

This edition also features steel limb armatures, and a removable marble base. Markings and details are skillfully applied in acrylics.

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            Arabian Park Horse

As of May 1, 2004, this edition has been completed and is closed.

PLEASE NOTE: The copies of this edition shown here have already been sold and are not available for purchase. Check the Sales Page for other sculptures that are currently available for purchase.

The Arabian Park Horse Limited Edition includes a total of 125 numbered pieces, and an additional 5 Artists Proofs, (plus four extra copies). In the course of producing this edition, a number of changes occurred since the initial release in Fall of 1993.

To date, this piece has an unusual history in how it has been produced, and you might wish to check out some of the details of the story....
Breakdowns For The Entire Edition
(Based on total number of 130 pieces)

Thank you to all the wonderful customers who made this edition possible!


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