Equigenesis Galleries

Rio Rondo Resins

Painted by

Carol Williams

and Various Artists

Submission Information

We accept submissions from both artists and owners of photos of our resins that other artists have painted and finished. Please note that we only add new pictures/artists to the galleries a bit sporadically, so don't get all worried if it doesn't show up right away. (Generally speaking, the galleries are updated every few months in batches.)

However, you can help "speed" the process along with these basic guidelines regarding the photos you send:

We continue to add to our Galleries of painted resins produced by Rio Rondo and our Tackmakers Gallery, as we feel it has become a valuable reference for many hobbyists. If you've got pictures to share, please consider having them added!

Images presented here are the property of and retain copyrights of their original holders. (We do not claim copyright on any images not our own.)

Please email your photo submissions to the email address shown below:

Photo Submissions

VARA & Copyright Statement
Unpainted copies are provided for the customer or finisher
to complete as they desire in reference to all finishing work
to include modification or alteration of the sculpture itself.
However, the sculpting artist, Carol Williams, retains all
reproduction copyrights of the sculptural aspects,
expressly including any/all derivative works.

All copies painted by the sculpting artist will be marked
as such and will be sequentially numbered and documented.

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