VictrixHP -- TB Mare   

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Victrix -- TB Mare - Hair Prep

Traditional Scale (1:9)

Thoroughbred Mare

Full and Hair-Prep Versions

Unpainted Resin-Cast

Open and Limited Editions

Sculpted By Carol Williams

Elegant and sweet-tempered, Victrix is a young, svelte Hunter-Type Thoroughbred mare with the sleek lines and structure for hunter and show disciplines. From her gentle face to her delicately arched neck, her sweet and willing disposition shines through. Her kind eye and willing expression belie the underlying power and athleticism of the classic Thoroughbred horse. Victrix scales out at a little over 17hh in 1:9 scale.

8.4" At Eartips -- 7.63" At Withers -- 11.375" Eartip to Tail-Tip

The full hair version features a lightly breeze-kissed short mane and long tail. Available in an open edition in unpainted form, Victrix currently in production and shipping**.

Victrix is produced in Hollow-Cast resin.

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Veronka Preview         Veronka
New for 2012, and based on VictrixHP, Veronka sports a banded mane and forelock and loose full-length banged tail.

Veronka is produced in Hollow-Cast Resin as an Open Edition.

More Images of Veronka

Victrix with Loose Tail Option         VictrixHP
This special Hair Prep edition was limited to two mold runs and is designed to satisfy the artistic tastes of those who enjoy haired manes and tails, or custom sculpting their own manes and tails.

VictrixHP is Sold Out.

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** Copies are currently in-production, however, shipment schedules vary and we may not have this piece in-stock and "ready to ship immediately". Please check our "Availability List" to see what is available for immediate shipment at any given time. If an item is out-of-stock, but is in-production, you can email us and put in a reservation to get a copy as soon as the next shipment arrives.

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Gallery of Painted Thoroughbreds

Victrix - TB Mare - Right Side

Victrix - TB Mare - HeadStudy

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Galleries of Painted Thoroughbreds

VARA & Copyright Statement
Unpainted copies are provided for the customer or finisher
to complete as they desire in reference to all finishing work
to include modification or alteration of the sculpture itself.
However, the sculpting artist, Carol Williams, retains all
reproduction copyrights of the sculptural aspects,
expressly including any/all derivative works.

All copies painted by the sculpting artist will be marked
as such and will be sequentially numbered and documented.

Tutorials Explaining How to Attach Manes, Tails, Mohair etc. to your ValorHP or VictrixHP resin!
Available for download in PDF format.

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