Rio Rondo Enterprises Miniature Buckles

We offer a large variety of miniature buckles in small sizes for all types of model horse tackmaking projects. Of course, these also work well for other genres such as Action Figures, Fashion Dolls, Jewelry Making and more.

These fine miniature buckles can help you get a realistic look with any scale model tack project! No more bending wire by hand for inconsistent results! Small-scale buckles have always been hard to find, but we've got a large selection of styles and sizes to suit your needs.

Buckle Strap Buckle Strap
Select the size of buckle you need based on the width of the material you're working with. For example, if you are using 1/8" lace, then our 1/8" buckles will fit that. Metric Equivalents

1/8" = 3mm
3/32" = 2.7mm
1/16" = 1.5mm - 2mm

Etched Metal Utility Buckles
Plain and undecorated, these buckles are a staple of all types of model horse tackmaking from English, to Western and all types of Costumes and Specialty items.

Fancy Deco Buckles
Add bling and sparkle to your Western and Costume items with these darling miniature decorated buckles. Available in both Cast Pewter and Etched Metal varieties.


Stable Blanket Hardware
Realistic T-Bar Connector Buckles for your Stable Blankets.

Cast Pewter Buckles
A selection of decorated cast pewter buckles and sets.

English Girth Buckles
Two-bar style miniature English Girth Buckles, exclusively designed for model horse enthusiasts in mind!

Buckle Tongues & Keepers
Don't forget to get any buckle tongues and keepers needed for some styles of buckles!

Buckle Strap Buckle Assembly Tutorial Buckle Strap
Make A Roller Buckle
tutorial courtesy of Jana Skybova