Rio Rondo Enterprises Miniature Utility Buckles

Select the size of buckle you need based on the width of the material you're working with. For example, if you are using 1/8" lace, then our 1/8" buckles will fit that. Metric Equivalents

1/8" = 3mm
3/32" = 2.7mm
1/16" = 1.5mm - 2mm

Inexpensive miniature buckles in a variety of sizes and styles for your tackmaking needs are available from Rio Rondo.

Utility Buckles

Items above are shown at 200% (double) actual size

Available in nickel and gold plate, our buckles are scaled to fit common sizes of leather lacing used for strap goods on miniature tack projects such as halters, bridles, breastcollars and harnesses.

Two Basic Types of Buckles:
"Center Bar" or "Conway" type buckles are two-sided, with the second side acting as a "keeper" for the strap. A tongue is not necessary for miniatures, but can be added if desired.

"Heel Bar" or "Tongue Buckles" or "One-Sided Buckles" (depending how you want to refer to them) are one-sided buckles and require a tongue to fasten, and generally some type of "keeper" (metal, or leather) will be needed to keep the extra strap length in check.

Center-Bar buckles are generally easier to use, particularly for beginners.

Center Bar Buckles
Sold in Strips of 6, or Sheets of 30
except 3/16" size which are 4 and 20
Nickel Plate Gold Plate*
1/16" B7s Buckles B7sOval 1/16"-Silver – $1.25/6
B730sOval 1/16"-Silver – $4.25/30
B7g Buckles B7g*Oval 1/16"-Gold – $1.50/6
B730g*Oval 1/16"-Gold – $4.75/30
B13s Buckles B13sSquare 1/16"-Silver – $1.25/6
B1330sSquare 1/16"-Silver – $4.25/30
B13g Buckles B13g*Square 1/16"-Gold $1.50/6
B1330g*Square 1/16"-Gold $4.75/30
3/32" B6s Buckles B6sOval 3/32"-Silver $1.25/6
B630sOval 3/32"-Silver$4.25/30
B6g Buckles B6g*Oval 3/32"-Gold $1.50/6
B630g*Oval 3/32"-Gold $4.75/30
B12s Buckles B12sSquare 3/32"-Silver $1.25/6
B1230sSquare 3/32"-Silver$4.25/30
B12g Buckles B12g*Square 3/32"-Gold $1.50/6
B1230g*Square 3/32"-Gold $4.75/30
1/8" B5s Buckles B5sOval 1/8"-Silver $1.25/6
B530sOval 1/8"-Silver $4.25/30
B5g Buckles B5g*Oval 1/8"-Gold $1.50/6
B530g*Oval 1/8"-Gold$4.75/30
B11s Buckles B11sSquare 1/8"-Silver$1.25/6
B1130sSquare 1/8"-Silver $4.25/30
B11g Buckles B11g*Square 1/8"-Gold $1.50/6
B1130g*Square 1/8"-Gold $4.75/30
3/16" B4s Buckles B4sOval 3/16"-Silver $1.25/4
B420sOval 3/16"-Silver $4.25/20
B4g Buckles B4g*Oval 3/16"-Gold$1.50/4
B420g*Oval 3/16"-Gold $4.75/20
B10s Buckles B10sSquare 3/16"-Silver $1.25/4
B1020sSquare 3/16"-Silver$4.25/20
B10g Buckles B10g*Square 3/16"-Gold $1.50/4
B1020g*Square 3/16"-Gold – $4.75/20
Items marked with a * are Limited Availability items and may not be in stock at all times.

Heel Bar (One-Sided, Tongue) Buckles
Sold in Strips of 8, or Sheets of 32 — tongues are NOT included
Nickel Plate Gold Plate*
1/16" BT39s Buckles BT39sSquare 1/16"-Silver$1.50/8
BT3932sSquare 1/16"-Silver$4.25/32
BT39g Buckles BT39g*Square 1/16"-Gold$1.65/8
BT3932g*Square 1/16"-Gold$4.75/32
BT83s Buckles BT83sDomed 1/16"-Silver$1.50/8
BT8332sDomed 1/16"-Silver$4.25/32
BT83g Buckles BT83g*Domed 1/16"-Gold$1.65/8
BT8332g*Domed 1/16"-Gold$4.75/32
BT96s Buckles BT96sRound 1/16"-Silver$1.50/8
BT9632sRound 1/16"-Silver $4.25/32
BT96g Buckles BT96g* Round 1/16"-Gold $1.65/8
BT9632g* Round 1/16"-Gold$4.75/32
3/32" BT38s Buckles BT38sSquare 3/32"-Silver $1.50/8
BT3832sSquare 3/32"-Silver $4.25/32
B38g Buckles BT38g*Square 3/32"-Gold $1.65/8
BT3832g*Square 3/32"-Gold $4.75/32
BT82s Buckles BT82sDomed 3/32"-Silver $1.50/8
BT8232sDomed 3/32"-Silver$4.25/32
BT82g Buckles BT82g*Domed 3/32"-Gold $1.65/8
BT8232g*Domed 3/32"-Gold $4.75/32
BT95s Buckles BT95sRound 3/32"-Silver$1.50/8
BT9532sRound 3/32"-Silver $4.25/32
B95g Buckles BT95g*Round 3/32"-Gold $1.65/8
BT9532g*Round 3/32"-Gold $4.75/32
1/8" B37s Buckles BT37sSquare 1/8"-Silver $1.50/8
BT3732sSquare 1/8"-Silver $4.25/32
BT37g Buckles BT37g*Square 1/8"-Gold $1.75/8
BT3732g*Square 1/8"-Gold $4.75/32
BT81s Buckles BT81sDomed 1/8"-Silver$1.50/8
BT8132sDomed 1/8"-Silver$4.25/32
BT81g Buckles BT81g*Domed 1/8"-Gold$1.65/8
BT8132g*Domed 1/8"-Gold$4.75/32
BT94s Buckles BT94sRound 1/8"-Silver$1.50/8
BT9432sRound 1/8"-Silver$4.25/32
BT94g Buckles BT94g*Round 1/8"-Gold$1.65/8
BT9432g*Round 1/8"-Gold$4.75/32
Items marked with a * are Limited Availability items and may not be in stock at all times.
Buckle Strap Buckle Assembly Tutorial Buckle Strap

Notes About our Heel Bar (One-Sided, Tongue) Buckles:

These buckles do not  come with tongues, or keepers. Our tongues (shown below) should be ok for the 1/8" size, but they may be too wide for the smaller sizes (to get a nice, quality finished look.)

Since the type of keepers required depend on the tack being made, and leather keepers are most popular for English and Harness tack, in particular, keepers are not included with these buckles.

Working with these buckles takes a bit more skill than with the Center Bar (two-sided) buckles. You should have some skill at skiving (removing a thin layer from the back side of the leather) as well as cutting slits (for the tongues) and making holes in the matching straps.

The rewards for your efforts will be found in the exceptionally fine and realistic results on your tack items!

Buckle Tongues
Silver or gold color pre-made buckle tongues allow you to add a tongue to any standard buckle, or convert jump rings into buckles.

FB1 Buckle Tongue FB1s – Buckle Tongues/Silver – $1.50/pack of 20
FB100s – Buckle Tongues/Silver – $5.00/pack of 100
FB1 Buckle Tongue FB1g – Buckle Tongues/Gold – $1.50/pack of 20
FB100g – Buckle Tongues/Gold – $5.00/pack of 100

Buckle Keepers
Simply bend these into shape and use as a keeper with any buckle. Small size is available in silver color only, Large is available in silver and gold color.
Buckle Keepers Buckle Keepers Buckle Keepers

LARGE KEEPERS Best for 1/8" Lace
FB21s – Large Keepers/Silver – $2.25/pack of 6
FB2130s – Large Keepers/Silver – $7.75/pack of 30
FB21g – Large Keepers/Gold – $2.25/pack of 6
FB2130g – Large Keepers/Gold – $7.75/pack of 30

SMALL KEEPERS - Double Rim Best for 3/32" Lace
FB23s – Small Keepers Double Rim/Silver – $1.85/pack of 6
FB2330s – Small Keepers Double Rim/Silver – $6.50/pack of 30

SMALL KEEPERS Best for 3/32" and 1/16" Laces
FB25s – Small Keepers/Silver – $1.85/pack of 6
FB2530s – Small Keepers/Silver – $6.50/pack of 30

Buckle with a Roller Buckle Assembly Tutorial

Make A Roller Buckle
tutorial courtesy of Jana Skybova -

Square Buckles that feature a flat top side, are most suitable for adding a roller.