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Scale miniature replica US Cavalry Bits and Bosses will add that realistic touch to your period and costume tack items. The M1859 Cavalry Bit is patterned after period bits issued from the Allegheny Arsenal. (With an eyepiece, you may be able to make out the maker's mark on the left-side shanks...)

Each set includes 2 nickel-plated shanks and 2 matching brass bosses. Some assembly is required to glue the bosses onto the shanks (we recommend 5-minute epoxy or hot glue). Bit shanks may be outfitted with mouthpieces and/or connector bars (not included).

Use Mini-Hold wax to keep the bit shanks in place temporarily (when using the shanks without a mouthpiece).

Items shown are about 50% larger than actual size.

1:6 Scale items fit Marx Thunderbolt, Blitz, etc.
For more 1:6 Scale items, and Cast 1:6 Scale Cavalry Bits, see 

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Nickel-Plated (tinned) Etched Brass Bits with Matching Brass Bosses
Set includes 2 bit shanks and 2 bosses
Bits shown at approximate actual size
W455–1/6 Cavalry Bit W456–1/6 Shoemaker Bit W457–Trad. Cavalry Bit
Cavalry Bit
1:6 Scale
Shoemaker Bit
1:6 Scale
Cavalry Bit
Trad. Scale
Coming Soon

The bosses need to be glued onto the shanks; hot glue or 5-minute epoxy seems to work best for us in our shop. The hole under where the boss should go can be used to insert a piece of wire or rod for a mouthpiece if desired.

A connector bar can be inserted into the small holes at the bottom of the shank (just above the rein rings).

Mini-Hold Wax
All bits are sold as shanks only (no mouthpieces). Once they are attached to a bridle, you can keep them temporarily in place easily with Mini-Hold Wax. (Also known as "Sticky Wax"). No need to saw mouths open or glue anything to a model permanently. Sticky Wax is a must-have item for every model horse hobbyist!
HD10--Mini-Hold Wax--$3.50 each.

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