Rio Rondo Enterprises Etched Metal
Saddle Plate Keys

Spice up your saddlemaking with these gorgeous nickel-plated Corner Plate sets, and add even more bling with the matching Accessories! Each sheet sold separately.

Corner Plate Sheets feature plates in 3 sizes, to use in different places on a Traditional (1:9) scale saddle, or use the smaller plates for smaller scale items. 6 Saddle Conchos, a Cantle Plate and Horn Cap are included.

Accessories plates include Saddle and Breastcollar Dees/Buckles, Gullet Plate, Stirrup Covers, Rear Cinch Slot Covers and Latigo and Buckle Keepers.

But things don't stop there
Take a look at all the cool things you can do to customize these plates!

Decorated HP644
Etched Plate Basics Advanced Decorating
Modified Saddle Patterns

Part Keys

Corner Plate Sheet Saddle Accessories Plate Sheet
Corner Plates Key Accessory Plates Key

A--2 Large Corner Plates
B--4 Medium Corner Plates
C--4 Small Corner Plates
D--1 Cantle Plate
E--1 Horn Cap
F--6 Saddle Conchos

A--1 Gullet Plate
B--2 Front Rigging Dees
C--2 Rear Rigging Dees
D--6 Breastcollar Rigging-1/8" Dees
E--2 Stirrup Panels
F--2 Rear Cinch Slot Covers
G--2 Rear Billet Tips
H--1 Latigo Keeper
J--1 Buckle Keeper
K--2 Rear Cinch Buckles

Printable Key To Plates Sheets (PDF/80k)