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What Is Photo Showing?
Photo Showing is where you take a photo of your model (halter) or of your model set up with tack, and possibly props (performance) to create a still-life scene that replicates some type of performance you would find in the live horse world.

The goal is to take the best possible photos you can, and to make it as realistic as possible. Two things are important, particularly in performance:

  1. Making the photo look as realistic as possible, the closer you are to making someone think it is a live horse and not a model, the better

  2. Adhering to common rules of competition for the class depicted. This will include appropriate tack (knowing what is required, optional and not allowed) as well as depicting a scene in such a way that the 'freeze frame' represents a portion of the event you would see a live horse do in the same class.
Photo Showing allows you to show your models via a photograph, which is very convenient in terms of expense and accessability. You can participate in photo shows no matter where you live, all you need is a subscription or two to a hobby publication so you can find out when and where the upcoming shows are, and a nearby post office to send/receive your entries and results.
Holding a show is the best way to learn more about the hobby and what is going on within it. Not only will you see a whole lot of great models and get super ideas to work with, you'll come to understand why many things in the hobby are done as they are, otherwise known as learning by first-hand experience.

What Is "Live" Showing?
A Live Show is simply where exhibitors gather to set up their models, tack, obstacles and scenes in person, rather than showing via still photos. There are many shows held annually across the US. You can find out more about upcoming shows and events by visiting the North American Model Horse Shows Assn. website.

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