Troubleshooting Tips When Holding Photo Show
The following is a list of questions and answers regarding problems you may encounter when holding a show.

What if I only receive a few entries?
Even if you only receive one entry, judge and place the show anyway.

What if I do not get enough entries to cover the cost of the awards I had planned on?
You can do two things:

What if there are less than ten horses in a class?
Place those that are entered anyway down to the last model. Even if there is only one entry it should still be given "first" place. Usually it is best not to merely combine or cancel classes merely for your own convenience.

What if I have a very large number of entries in a class?
You should judge it as it is. If it is an open show you are holding on your own, you might want to consider splitting it into smaller groups. Only split classes if there will be at least 20 or more horses in each division. You might consider splitting by Original Finish & Custom, or by Breed Type, or by Action vs. Standing poses, for example.

What if I receive a Postage Due entry?
You are entitled to refuse it if you wish. Simply do not pay for the postage due and hand it back, unopened, to the postmaster. If you DO accept postage due entries, notify the entrant right away (via a postcard is usually cheapest) and request to be reimbursed for the amount due plus the cost of postage to notify them. If the matter is not taken care of by the time the show is completed, you should NEVER keep the pix--ALWAYS return them. But you may withhold results and any prizes until the matter is settled.

What if I have a situation that causes a delay in getting the show completed?
Try your very best to get it done in spite of it! Even if you can only judge a few classes at a time. Protect yourself in advance by setting your show date over 4 days or so instead of only one or two. The best policy is to get the show done right away and be done with it rather than neglect it. Late results may endanger your ability to place further advertisements in publications, and it sure won't help your reputation among other hobbyists.

What if an entrant does not pay all or part of the entry fee?
You should NOT enter the photos in the classes and return the photos with a note of explanation. If there is enough time before the show begins, you can contact the entrant and let them know (perhaps they only forgot to enclose the entry fee) and give them an opportunity to make good on the fees.

What if I accidentally mis-file a photo and it misses a class it was entered in?
Careful sorting and filing of photos is essential to prevent this. If it is your fault that you mis-filed a photo, go back and re-judge and place the class.

What if I discover a photo had numbers in the wrong order and because of that it missed a class?
In this case, it was the ENTRANT's fault for not carefully numbering the photo. Too bad for the shower, file it into the next class you have not judged yet that it is entered in and go on with the show. (If you're feeling really generous, you can go back and re-judge and place the class it missed.)

What if I find a photo entered in the wrong class, or a photo with the wrong class numbers listed?
You have the right to disqualify the photo from the class or you can be nice and re-number and file the photo correctly. It is YOUR option, as the judge. The shower has the responsibility to correctly enter all photos, the judge's responsibility is to see that all photos are properly sorted and filed for each class....based on the class numbers the exhibitor has written on the back.

What if I hold a benefit show . . . how much of the fees go to the beneficiary?
If it is a club or model group, check to see about the club rules or policies on this. Usually you may:

What if I count the photos and come up with a different number of pictures than the entrant said they sent?
Be sure to make a note of this on your Entry Log, and also compose a brief note explaining that there was a discrepancy. Place the note in the Return SASE so that the exhibitor will know when they get their photos back.
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