Rio Rondo Enterprises Baroque Items
March 2016

Baroque/Iberian/Portuguese Item Tests

As per a customer's request, we thought we'd try our hand at some Portuguese/Iberian/Baroque items. Some of the parts were previously tested, and we've made adjustments for a second test. Here's what we have:

Baroque/Iberian/Portuguese tests
Baroque Test

Here, we've got styled buckles, and keeper tests, as well as a variety of conchos similar to those found on such tack items. And the typical little bridle/breastcollar ornaments (or divots, or whatever... I don't have a great name for them here.)

In actual production, we are probably looking at offering these items on 3 different sheets, one each for divots, conchos and buckles/keepers, although that is open for discussion. That would give maximum flexibility for tackmakers in how many of the different items they want to use for various projects.

Admittedly, a "set" with enough items to craft a bridle/breastcollar set could be done (and would look something like the above.)

Thank you Jana Skybova for helping us with this project.

If you are interested in these items, please let us know.

Below, are some photos of an earlier test of these items to see what we could do.
Bridle "Divots" or "Ornaments"
Here's a picture of the test bridle ornaments (sometimes known by their shapes of "triangulo" and "diamante")
Bridle "Divots"
Small Ornaments
We're calling these "circulo" as a reference, so we know which ones we're referring to!
They are about 3/32" tall.
"Circulo" doohickeys
"Diamante" Close-Up
Beauty, eh? This is new-production work.
These are a little over 1/4" tall.
Closeup Pic

What we're wanting to know, is the following:
How many of each of the sizes of conchos would be preferred as part of a "set" or "assortment"?
How many of each size of Buckle would be preferred as part of an assortment?
How many of each of the 3 styles of ornaments needed or preferred as part of an assortment?

If you have any ideas or input on these issues, please let us know.
Costume Bits
Between the Baroque items and the Arabian charms, we ended up with a few bits as well:
Costume Bits
G750 Costume Bits-Base

There's 5 bits here we're referring to as follows (from left to right):

1. "Spanish" bit.... mostly a generic shank shape for costume uses, similar to US Cavalry style and others. A couple of beveled-edge conchos are included that can be attached to the mouthpiece area to give some dimensionality to it (or, add any other concho or deco).

2. "Portuguese" bit, based on typical styling. These we already tested and they came out nicely.

3. "Alta Escuela" bit, or spanish "high school" style, also with beveled conchos to be applied, if desired.

4. "Mamluk" bit, based on an historical sketch. We did test this bit, but added a beveled edge for this test. If this comes out nicely, we may bevel the other "flatter" styles as well.

5. "Baroque" bit, now this one is quite the piece of work! And we did test this one already (see below).

How about this Baroque beauty?


These are unbelievably intricate and darling in person!

There is one more common style of "baroque" bit that we opted not to go with it for stylistic reasons. Please don't make me.
Concho and Plate Test (Photo)


This is a photo of one of our previous tests. The concho sizes shown are 3/16" (largest), 1/8" and 3/32" (smallest).

For reference in the Baroque test at the top of this page:

Top Row: 3/32" style "B"
2nd Row: 1/8" style "B" (modified a bit from what you see in this test photo)
3rd Row: 5/32" style "E" (modified from the test photo for more detail)
4th Row: 3/16" style "C"

While the simulated artwork is not exact in all cases, it does provide a reasonable preview.


While I wasn't able to find the time to update everything on this page after the initial tests came back, I can say that everything looks great!

We are not yet sure of what configuration the Baroque/Iberian items will come in (a single set of items, or groups of items like the ornaments, conchos, buckles separately) but we'll be figuring it out shortly.

We are still looking at have the silver ones in-stock and ready to ship by the end of June, and gold color by the end of August.

You'll want to keep up on the new email news list (link at the bottom of this page) to get further information on these parts!