Rio Rondo Enterprises Bits
March 2016

New and Revised Bits

We're updating, revising and adding to our etched bit selection.

Lets start with the standard plain Traditional Scale western bits.

Basic Western Bits
From Left to Right:
W413 - Salinas (.77" long)
W414 - Seven (.70" long)
W417 - Wichita (.75" long)
W418 - Concho (.75" long)
BP141 Basic Western Trad Bits
W501 - Hawkeye Bit
Move it around, and the center always appears to be looking away from you. Can be outfitted with a crystal.
W501 - Hawkeye
501 Hawkeye Bit
(.82" long)
W502 - Clark
Simple curb bit styling. Suitable for adding color to the lower inset or adding a concho.
W502 - Clark
W502 Clark Bit
(.82" Long)
W503 - Riley
3 piece set, with connector bar. Assembled using a looped head pin.
Inset design is Braid/Herringbone.
W503 - Riley
W503 Riley Bit
(.75" long)
W504 - Gove
Simple short curb style with deco.
W504 - Gove
W504 Gove Bit
(.71" long)
W505 - Harper
Rope-Edged Floral Design--sadly this one was omitted and won't be coming until June.
W505 - Harper
W505 Harper Bit
(.79" long)
W506 - Barton
Similar to "Riley" but without connectors. Inset design is Braid/Herringbone.
W506 - Barton
W506 Barton Bit
(.75" long)
W547 - Brocade
Goes with our other "Brocade" motif items.
W547 - Brocade
W547 Brocade Bit
(.79" long)
W554 - Kansas Star
Matches with our Star motif items.
W554 - Kansas Star
W554 Kansas Star Bit
(.81" long)

This is a starter project, to get a few new things out there. We've got lots of ideas to go, but can only get to so much at once!

We do plan to do more of the "Riley" style bits, with the connector bar... except different designs and shanks and all that. On those, you just twist the little loop on the bottom of the shank so it faces forward, and fasten the connector and shanks with a looped head pin. We already tested these, but... didn't get a photo of an assembled one at the time.

I'm sure there may be issues with models out there that have exceptionally wide snoots, in which the connector bars we've come up with may not be wide enough to suit. We would appreciate any feedback in this area, so we can consider offering a wider connector version as an extra.

The old styles of W415 and W416 have been discontinued. They'll soon be replaced by W417 - Wichita and W418 - Concho.

If there are particular styles, designs or even sizes (short shanks, for example) you'll have to let us know what you like or are needing. Otherwise, things will be left to what we feel like doing!

The Ill-Fated Cavalry Bits
Our poor cavalry bits. They have a long and sordid history. First they ended up the wrong scale. Then they ended up where the bosses were mis-aligned. Then the brass parts didn't work. Once they arrived in copper.

We did make some new-production etched M1859 Style cavalry bits. And bosses. They came out beautiful except for one thing...

We can't get plain brass bosses. Just nickel-plated ones and as far as we can tell, those aren't really historically accurate. So... they're sitting here until we decide what to do with them. We have some currently on hand, and they are to scale. If you need some please email Gary.


Classic Bits of All Types

Classic bits have always been a bit problematic for us, as far as keeping some of them in stock (or having far too much stock). However, we do wish to keep some options available.

Initially, we're going to produce classic-scale bits in 3 assortment/collection sheets as below.

Also of note that the new production classic bits will be a little bit bigger than previous iterations... geared more toward the "large classic" scale, instead of the smaller.

Classic Western Collection
3 - Salinas (.64" long)
2 - Seven (.59" long)
3 - Wichita (.62" long)
2 - Concho (.63" long)
(Total = 10 Bits)
W476 Classic Western Bits
Classic English Collection
2 - Weymouth Combo (.51" long)
3 - Pelham (.51" long)
2 - Kimberwicke (.34" long)
1 - Stud Bit (.30" long)
1 - Baucher Bit (.33" long)
(Total = 9 Bits)
E653 Classic English Bits
Classic Driving Collection
1 - Liverpool (.57" long)
1 - Fancy Liverpool (.59" long)
1 - Butterfly (.57" long)
1 - Short Butterfly (.48" long)
1 - Buxton (.78" long)
1 - Baucher Bit (.33" long)
(Total = 6 Bits)
E655 Classic Driving Bits
What old-production stock we have remaining on classic bits will be available until sold out.

If you are in dire need of Classic bits, please get in touch and let us know what you need the most, so we can formulate some plans.

We likely will add a few decorated western bits in Classic scale at some point.

Traditional English and Driving Bits.

We'll be offering the most of the same selection as we did before, except with some revised versions, as well as adding a new Fancy Liverpool, Long and Short Butterfly Bits and a Baucher Bit.

Traditional English Collection
2 - Weymouth Combo (.61" long)
3 - Pelham (.61" long)
2 - Kimberwicke (.44" long)
1 - Stud Bit (.35" long)
1 - Baucher Bit (.41" long)
(Total = 9 Bits)
E652 Trad English Bits
Traditional Driving Collection
1 - Liverpool (.68" long)
1 - Fancy Liverpool (.70" long)
1 - Butterfly (.68" long)
1 - Short Butterfly (.58" long)
1 - Buxton (.93" long)
1 - Baucher Bit (.41" long)
(Total = 6 Bits)
E654 Trad Driving Bits
Most of the new work on these will be tested at this time, however we will have a small supply of Trad. Buxton and Kimberwicke bits available as singles in April.

...And before I forget!
We had some requests for hackamore parts, so here's what we came up with:

Trad. Hackamore Tests
English Hackamore (.75" long) and
"Baroque" style Hackamore (.68" long)

Photos of Previous Tests!

Here's where we started with the very first bit test.

Bit Test 1

A close look at these showed that some things worked fairly well, but some parts were just too thin, and even fragile. So adjustments needed to be made, and decisions on designs and so forth.

Round 2 Bits
Ahhh... now this is more like it. Here's a few of the styles and also testing a new "Mamluk" bit. The "Brocade" bit was yet to go through a further revision in shape and deco.
Round 2 Test
Riley Bit
Here we have some variants on the new "Riley" style bit, to try out some options and check for size. The "y" connection style worked, but was really tricky and didn't look as clean as the simple loop version when assembled.
Riley Bit Test
Hawkeye and Barton Bits
Now we're getting close. The forms are sturdier. We also tried an option by extending the mouthpiece a bit so it could be "bent" a tad and look more like it was in the mouth. However, the edges can be a little sharp at times, and might lend to problems, so this feature was reduced. Now that we are happy (mostly) the final stage is to finalize the deco...
Hawkeye and Barton Test
Buxton Bits
Adding some revisions, and testing some changes in the connector bar. Sadly, we didn't take a pic of an assembled version and sent it to some lucky customer! It was a breeze to "shape" the connector into a "u" and then bend the ends so they lined up with the notches in the shanks. This "u" bend will allow for the bit to be adjustable for width, to fit more molds. Crimping the little "c" ends into place to fasten was easy. (And yes, there is some swivel action there.) [the extra little "c" parts were for a different variation, which didn't work out, so they aren't needed]
Buxton Bit


Ordering information will be made available on the above items that we'll have some stock of within the next couple of weeks. (Except the "Harper" bit, because someone forgot to include it... but it will come in June).

Conchos can be affixed to any of the plain or deco bits, to change the style and look. Gary says if you really hate the deco, but like the shape, turn them over.... :)