Rio Rondo Enterprises Conchos
March 2016

New Conchos Being Tested Now
Please note that all images on this page, unless otherwise specified,
are artistic representations to simulate what the final product will look like.
Photos of actual items will be provided at a later date.

New Notes as of May 20, 2016 . . .

As you may know, we received some actual production of these items and are now in the process of finalizing things and doing some revisions and additions.

Of particular note:
  • We've decided to rearrange the quantities on the smaller concho sheets. There will be 3 rows of the 3/32 size (27) and only 2 rows of the 1/8" (14). The tiniest ones likely will work best on bridles, and current trends indicate you may need a lot of them!

  • We made slight revisions to the decor on the rope-edge and plain edge floral conchos

  • We didn't like how the "Berry" conchos came out at all, and made some serious revisions there. Most notably with larger "berries" and a smaller center portion (closer to the largest of the "Baroque/Iberian" conchos) and I'm 96% confident they will come out far closer to what I envisioned. Both the regular "Berry" and the "Crystal Berry" were revised as such.

  • We have added a few designs to the original lineup here.
    • Rope Edge Round
    • Plain Edge Round
    • Brocade
    • Filigree Star
    • Berry (floral center)
    • Sun Berry (sunburst center)
    • Crystal Berry
    • Rope Edged Oval
    • Diamond
    • Square
    • Southwestern --note that this style has been quite modified from the originals. It will have straight edges instead of points and be shorter... and much more amenable to being used as a concho. I am not certain when I'll get a chance to put some preview artwork up.

  • Some designs ended up a concho or two short, or long due to either not enough space or extra space available for them. So far I know this was true for the diamonds and squares

  • Concho Beads – The standard-issue "CB19" is ready to go, and I think we'll be able to do at least one of the little Rope-Edge star concho beads. As a reference... "concho beads" are those with a pinhole in them suitable for use in fastening saddles together in particular.

    The "Crystal Berry" conchos on the concho sheets, do have holes, however, we will also be offering the 3/16" size in strips of 6 as a standalone "concho bead" item, for use as a concho bead proper.

  • We simply ran out of time this go-round to get to the "racks" for production. If we can sneak a few things in, we will.
    Specifically, we're looking at racks of graduated rounds, and strips of diamonds and squares (all the same size)... and likely some really tiny diamonds (probably with minimal to no deco) that could be easily used on bridles, etc.

I should note that this does take a lot of time, and it seems we could spend infinite amounts of time on any or all of it, with no end to the list of new ideas. But we have to call things to a close to get anything produced, so some really cool ideas will just have to wait until the next round.

We expect all (or at least most) of these concho sheets (as noted in the list above) will be available for sale by the end of June.

"Crimp Conchos" – we did test just a few of these little guys and they worked like a charm! I want to play with them a little more yet (and haven't had the time) to see if there are any changes/improvements to be made. They will not be produced in the June run, but we'll keep them on deck for a future release.

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We're working on revamping all the decorative conchos.

New Quantity Configurations
First off, new offerings will (mostly) be available in 2 different sheets.
One will feature a good assortment of very small conchos, while the other will feature some bigger ones, in hopes that these configurations will work better for tackmaker's needs.

3/32" (2.5mm) = 18
1/8" (3.2mm) = 21
5/32" (4mm) = 12
(Total = 51)
3/16" (4.8mm)= 18
7/32" (5.6mm) = 6
1/4" (6.3mm) = 4
(Total = 28)

Please let us know if these new configurations will be useful to you.

New and Updated Styles
The second order of business is revamping some of the basic styles.

We're starting with 6 varieties... and please be sure to click the links to see bigger simulated images of what these will look like!
Rope-Edged Round Floral Concho
These will be replacing the current CA201 style... there's a new floral pattern in the center on these.
NEW Berry Concho
Featuring the traditional-style scalloped edging and raised "berries" around the rim, with a floral center.
NEW Rope-Edged Oval Floral
The size is determined by the shorter dimension.
NEW Plain-Edged Round
To match other items that have a plain edge on them.
*this style might not be produced
NEW Crystal Berry
This concho has the "Berry" style edge, with a pinhole, so you can use a pinhead or similar for fastening as well as a recessed (and undecorated) center, suitable for gluing in a crystal, or other tiny item.
Filigree Star
This is a revised version of the current CA154, replacing the former version.

Please note that the 2 smallest sizes are NOT filigreed... some things are just too small!

We did work up some conchos for the "Brocade" theme, but will be postponing production at the present time on those. (If you are interested, please get in touch).

Please let us know which of these you will be interested in purchasing in the near future, and if you have suggestions, please get in touch.

But wait! There's more!

Concho Beads
Soon, we will be producing the revised "Concho Beads" for saddle fastening as a standalone product. The really lovely ones many of you have found on the T10 Hardware Sheets will be replacing the previous "CB18", and also have a new part number. These new ones will be available in sheets of 30, or strips of 6.
CB19-Concho Beads
For use with a pin, for fastening saddles and other projects.
Concho Beads

New Items in Testing

One of the ideas we had, was a "rack" of conchos, connected together that could be used for a breastcollar, a browband, or along the rim of a saddle skirt, for example. They could be either graduated or varied in size, or all be the same size.
Rope-Edged Conchos
This configuration features a loop with a pinhole on each end, for secure fastening. The concept is that you can use thread of a color that matches (or contrasts/complements) the leather to sew over the little "connector" between them. This should hold them all nicely in place.

The "rack" can be bent a bit to follow a slight curve, such as on a breastcollar.
Rack Test #1
Rope-Edged Concho Rack

Plain-Edged Conchos
Same as above, but with the plain-edged round concho style.
Rack Test #2
Plain-Edged Concho Rack

Rack Test #3
I don't have a name for this one, but this test places little rectangular "spacer" conchos between each round concho for a different look.
Rack Test #3

Variety Pack Ideas
Here, we've got some test ideas for a new Diamond design, which happens to be racked up in a sequence.

In addition, there's a new "Square" concho design, as well as a rack of what would be about 1/8" in a line that might be used in all kinds of ways.

At the bottom is a rectangular line of conchos...
Rack Test #4
Testing New Ideas

Are you getting some new ideas for tack yet?
Concho Bead Variation Two sizes (5/32 and 3/16 I believe) and two versions... filigree and not.

These feature a fat little star within a rope edge, with a recessed center (for a pinhead) and a pinhole for attaching to items or fastening saddles with.

We're not sure how these will come out, but... I think they just might be darling little things.
Test #43
Concho Bead Variation

Test Conchos
Here, we're seeing what the "Berry" conchos might look like if we add an interior "rim". Because things are so small, it's hard to say if they'll come out. We'll just have to see!

Additionally, some little "Lion Head" conchos that go with some arabian/marwari/teke (I can't remember off the top of my head) bridles.
Test Conchos
Test Conchos

Brow & Crimp Concho Test
We want to try making a concho where the connectors are extended to make little "arms". These arms can then be bent around to form a loop, as for a concho affixed to the ends of a browband (or one-ear piece). Alternatively, cut shorter, they can just be bent around any leather strap and lightly crimped down to "fasten" the concho into place.

Of course, this means you'd have to put a little bit of thin "liner" material on the back side (so the metal doesn't harm the horse) in many cases, but we think it might be worth a try.
Brow/Crimp Concho Test
Brow Concho Test

And Last, but not Least...

Concho and Plate Test (Photo)


This is a photo of one of our previous tests. The concho sizes shown are 3/16" (largest), 1/8" and 3/32" (smallest.

The center section shows some test "buckle keepers" designed to be bent around (yes, they DID work, now the trick is getting them the proper length.)

Some of these items are just so tiny, it's difficult to see anything with the naked eye.

NOTE: All remaining old-production concho sheets will be available until sold out.
But, when they're gone, they're gone.

Where necessary, we are converting the gold-colored ones to "silver", by buffing the gold off the front surface. So if you get conchos that are silver on top, but gold on the bottom, that's why. (For the most part, these old-production conchos are very nice quality.)