Rio Rondo Enterprises Test Items
March 2016

Test Items

This is the final installment of test pages for this round. Here we have a smattering of things we're working on to see how they come out, and whether it will be worth adding them to our line.

Akhal Teke Neckband Panels
This is the second iteration testing these items, to see how small we could go.

Akhal Teke Panels

These panels simulate the decorative "studs" often attached to akhal teke neckbands. Two different designs are shown here. Each "rack" of 5 rows is connected to each other, but they can be split apart to form strips that are single, double, triple rows, etc. Single rows could be used to decorate bridles or other tack, for example.

These tests are about 2.5" long, and are intended to fit one side of the neck, with the intent that they be cut and shortened to the appropriate size. (you'd need two strip segments for a full neckband). It is surmised that we'll add some decorative "ends" to put them with (and probably a decorative "center" panel). These would be mounted on fabric or leather.

Our first tests came out SO COOL, but the top design was about twice the size it needed to be.

Akhal Teke Test

Yes, that bottom row does line up like little scales, and they bend to fit a shape easily.

Scales and Squares

Here are a couple of Gary's tests, featuring an idea for "scales", possibly scale-mail (or, maybe panels for Parade sets at some point.)


Here's a rack of little "squares"... they are about 2mm across. The rows can be cut apart, and they can be possibly attached to browbands or cheeks, costume items etc. Lots of possibilities here for future ideas.


Keepers and Strap Tips
Keepers Test

Here we have a simulation of the keepers we'll be doing our second round of testing on. These are designed to bend around and form a metal loop, that you can glue between the layers of leather and use to keep your straps all aligned and nice. We know they'll work... now we're working on getting them properly sized so there's less guessing.

Strap Tips

Well, we know we can make strap tips... but now the question is, can they be made so they'll stay on better? Here we're working with two options, one with little "arms" to fold around and crimp onto the end of a strap.

The second alternative, is adding a third little arm at the bottom, to fold under, possibly making for a more secure attachment. Or, possibly being just a bigger pain to deal with.

The other issue we'll be looking at is whether a strap outfitted with a metal tip like this, can still pass through a buckle! That may be tricker than anticipated. It may be that we make the tip a little narrower (and you'll need to taper the end of your strap) so that the tips are not too wide to pass. Thickness will be another issue... particularly for the smaller buckles. It is entirely possible that strap tips with arms just won't work with the 1/16" size. We shall just have to wait to find out . . .

Horse Blanket Hardware
You need those little T-style buckle fasteners to make all sorts of little horse blankets, rugs and sheets, right?

Here's a photo of some test items we tried last year.

Blanket Hardware

These happen to be sized for thick 3/8" material. However, should we go into actual production on this item, they will be adjusted to accommodate 1/4" standard ribbon you can get at most department, craft and fabric stores. They would be provided in a set that would include enough parts for T-buckle and adjustment sliders for 2 belly bands, 2 leg bands and one or two buckles (for 1/8" material probably) for the front of the chest.