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 Ok, so maybe you're not interested in horses, that's not why we've lured you here.

(If you're interested in 1/6 scale horse stuff, like a Cavalry Bit for your Thunderbolt, better go Here!

 What we do have is a lot of things, like metal buckles and hooks, leather strap and sheet, white metal (pewter) castings, and tools, most of which you can't get anywhere else!

 Such as? Well, lets start off with Buckles, in sizes running from small to really tiny, perfect for that barely covered but securely strapped model you've been working on, as well as the Leather Lace you'll need to make all those straps. The lace is a real deal at a buck or so a yard.
 Want to get a selection of hardware? Then check out the Hardware Sampler, or just the whole Hardware section

 Don't need straps, but your model could use some leather anyway? Then take a look at the Leather Page, real leather in a number of types and colors in pieces small enough that you won't have huge chunks left over to deal with and won't cost you that left um, arm.
 Check it all out in the Supplies area

 Not interested in leather or metal parts? Here's something nobody else has..
 The Carbide Scrapers were designed as an in-house tool for working with resin, epoxy putty and bondo, for seam removal and surface contouring, but they were so good we had to start selling them. These things knock x-acto knives right out of the box! Click that link for the whole story on those, and remember you can get a single general purpose tip with a handle for fourteen fifty (and it's upgradable!) -Detailing like never before, and personally, I think there should be one in every toolbox in the country. I'm biased though, I made the originals (-Gary).

 The pewter parts are primarily horse related, but we offer a broad range of parts that can be adapted easily. Since the pewter is so soft, you can wrap plates around heads or wrists, carve it into other shapes, and tool it with new artwork. There's loops and stars and all manner of things, go take a look in the Hardware section, all the metal parts are listed in there. All of the pewter parts are exclusive to our company, designed by and produced for us only.

 Want to just look around? Click on one of the boxes over on the left and it'll take you to that section of the site...

 Staring at the monitor for too long and you just want a catalog?
You can Download One in PDF format
(You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read and print the pdf files)

 Done looking and want to place an order? Great!
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  • Call it in directly to (620) 668-5421 -between 10 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time, please. (Monday thru Friday)
 For general ordering info, go to the Order Info page.

And by the way, thanks for coming