New Gold Parts are in Stock!

As of 2/20/2019

New Gold Items

We are extremely pleased with the consistent and obvious gold color and overall etching quality of these new parts. I would like to thank those customers who took the time to place advance orders.

The color is a close color match to the gold Buckle Keepers (FB1g, for reference) and will be a closer match to most of our jump rings and chain as well.

While we do have good supplies of a few most-wanted items, many items will be in limited supplies for some time.

Older gold-colored parts have been renamed to "Champagne Gold" with the part number suffix "cm". We still have some items available on sale here:

Champagne Gold Items Close-Out Sale

We now have a good selection of gold Bijoux items such as buckles, hooks, dees, english bits and driving bits.

Iberico Buckles
Iberico buckles in gold color are now available in strips of 10 buckles, all in one size. Matching keepers/keeper tops are available separately, if you need them. Silver versions of these items will be available later this year.

Small Sharks Teeth
We are now offering small mini-sheets of sharks teeth. Each sheet has 30 teeth, which are enough for two halters, or one larger project such as a breastcollar. 4 of the styles are the same as what you'll find on the A877 Sharks Teeth sheet, and we added one new one: "Small Fangs", which you may find suitable for classic scale models. They might work for bijoux.

Halter Squares
We devised a new "Halter Square" ring, based on some european-styled square rings we've seen recently. We just made a few "tests", available in gold. If there is enough interest, we may add them to the silver offerings later.

And that concludes the Gold Part "Change-Over".