Pre-Ordering is Closed

Old Gold Sale PDF

[GOLDSALE.PDF] (approx 86k)
Oct 23, 2018
New sale prices for close-out gold etched parts. These prices are for our current stock.

We are Currently at Step 5

New Gold Items

  1. Our existing stock of gold-colored etched items will be replaced with new stock around the beginning of 2019. The new parts will be a prettier and more obvious gold color.
  2. Existing stock is now on sale, until it is sold out.
  3. Advance Orders are now closed.
  4. There will be some part changes, most notably the Iberian Buckles. We will be offering those by their individual sizes in the future, so you can get more of just the size(s) you need. We will also offer the keepers separately. That information is covered with the Advance Order PDF.
  5. Advance-Orders are closed as we prepare, and go into production. It will take about 4-6 weeks and then we should have parts to ship, with the new items added into inventory shortly thereafter.
  6. We will be putting new inventory into stock once all advance orders have been filled. Stock of some items will be limited for awhile.
  7. When the new gold items arrive, remaining stock that we have now will be renamed to "Champagne" color, and will be available until sold out.

Back Story:

We have never been entirely satisfied with the color on the gold etched parts we've been offering, and in some cases the gold color was so faint, as to be difficult to distinguish from silver color. Working with the production house, we will be able to obtain a better gold color, however, the precise process on their end, and the cost will differ from what we already have had produced.

After some discussion with a number of our customers, we determined that we would all be a lot happier if we had a better gold color, and have been working on plans to make the switch. There's a lot of work to be done behind the scenes here, and we're well into the process now, which will continue over the coming weeks

Bookmark this page, for further news and developments as we make the switch to prettier gold items!