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December 24, 2017
We've done a few more test items, and now there's some nice pictures of a 1:18/Bijoux scale saddle set by Carrie Sloan Meyer so you can see the items in action.

Even More Bijoux Tests

Pictures and discussion about additional items not yet available (but are in the works!) for the tiny models.

And don't forget to take a look at the new test halter rings (with little "quarter moons"!) and One-Ear plates...

Traditional Test Items

December 10, 2017
New Bijoux Etchings in Stock!
Photos are included for most of the new items. Just in time for the holidays and winter tackmaking!

More Bijoux Tests
Pictures and discussion about additional items not yet available (but are in the works!) for the tiny models.

Full PDF list of currently available Bijoux Items:

Bijoux PDF
List of currently-available small-scale items. Pictures will be added to this document shortly.

Resin Cast Models
Veronka is now back in production with a brand new mold. Victrix is in the works and should be available again in the next few weeks. Valor is unavailable, as he undergoes an update... I don't know when he will be available, but we'll let you know here.

Part Number Changes
We've changed the specifications and part numbers on the Girth Equalizers.
GB19s -Trad Size/silver-$1.25/4pr.
GB19g-Trad Size/gold-$1.35/4 pr.
GB34s-Clas Size/silver-$1.25/4 pr.
GB34g-Clas Size/gold-$1.35/4 pr.

(GB1905 and GB3408 part numbers are discontinued, as they've been consolidated into the part numbers above.)
Items Added
LD4st-Kidskin, Saddle Tan color, 10x6" piece - $6.00
LD2st-Kidskin, Saddle Tan color, 5x6" piece - $3.00
LCW4k- Cowhide-black-10x6" piece - $7.00
LCW2k- Cowhide-black-5x6" piece - $3.50

October 28, 2017
Price Changes, and other notes.

Here's the list of the latest price changes:

H305s Stable Plates, silver $1.25/set
H305g Stable Plates, gold $1.25/set
H306s Stable Plates, silver $1.00/set
H306g Stable Plates, gold $1.00/set
HP642 Deco Halter-SWest $14.00/sheet
HP644 Deco Halter-Stars $14.00/sheet
HP646 Deco Halter-Floral $14.00/sheet
A835s Coins, silver $9.00/sheet
A835g Coins, gold $10.00/sheet
A836s Seed Pods, silver $4.50/sheet
A836g Seed Pods, gold $5.00/sheet
A837s Marwari Fish, silver $6.00/sheet
A837g Marwari Fish, gold $6.75/sheet
A838s Leaves/Baubles, silver $6.00/sheet
A838g Leaves/Baubles, gold $6.75/sheet
A870s Pendants, silver $6.00/sheet
A870g Pendants, gold $6.75/sheet
A871s Pectoral Sets, silver $6.00/sheet
A871g Pectoral Sets, gold $6.75/sheet
A872s Medallions, silver $5.00/sheet
A872g Medallions, gold $5.60/sheet
A873s Charms, silver $6.75/sheet
A873g Charms, gold $7.60/sheet
A874s Sun & Moon, silver $6.75/sheet
A874g Sun & Moon, gold $7.60/sheet
A875s Stars, silver $3.00/sheet
A875g Stars, gold $3.50/sheet
A876s Connectors, silver $6.00/sheet
A876g Connectors, gold $6.75/sheet
A877s Sharks Teeth, silver $9.00/sheet
A877g Sharks Teeth, gold $10.00/sheet
A878s End Caps, silver $4.50/sheet
A878g End Caps, gold $5.00/sheet
A879s Lead Hooks-7, silver $1.25/strip
A879g Lead Hooks-7, gold $1.50/strip
A8794s Lead Hooks-28, silver $4.50/sheet
A8794g Lead Hooks-28, gold $5.00/sheet

Jump Rings & FB-series Buckle Keeper Changes
In the interest of a little more efficiency on our part here in the shop, we've made a few changes to these items. The 100-packs of Jump Rings and 30-packs of Buckle Keepers (FB21, FB23, FB25) have been "discontinued". However, we have changed the quantity discounts, so that when you order 5 of an item, it's the same price as the former 100-packs (jump rings) or 30-packs (keepers). So if you need to order just 6 or 7 packs (and not necessarily the equivalent of 2 100-packs) the quantity price will apply there as well.

In addition, on Jump Rings, if you mix and match sizes/colors to get 15 or more packs on your order, that will also qualify for the discount on each pack ordered.

The pricing hasn't changed for the quantity of items you may order, it's just dealt with a little differently. (And if you do order 1 JR600s, you'll get 5 packs of JR6s for the same price.)

Whatever happened to the Tooling & Carving Book?

Due to a lot of things that need to be done here, and not enough time and energy to get to them all, this book has been put on the back burner. It is however, getting higher up on the list of things to be tackled...

Till it is done and we have further information, there simply isn't much else to say! We'll get to it just as soon as we can... and yes, we are catching up on a number of things...

Thanks for your patience!