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June 12, 2017

Dumpster Sale!
Factory "Seconds" Saddle Tree Parts
We've got some blemished and lesser-quality Western Saddle tree parts. These are mostly raw castings and may require anything from patching and filling, to sanding and smoothing to get them to be "good"... however these are ideal if you are looking for tree "forms" to customize into other styles or other types of trees for costumes and so forth.

Quantity discounts are available, mix and match parts and sizes to get the discounts!

The photos show what you can expect to receive... items will be picked at random, first-come, first-serve!
Trad. Scale Seat seconds.
1-4 $2.00 ea.
5-9 $1.50 ea.
10+ $1.25 ea.
Clas. Scale Seats - seconds.
1-4 $1.75 ea.
5-9 $1.25 ea.
10+ $1.00 ea.
Brand New Items!

New Small Scale "Bijoux" Bits & Slotted Rings
—for CollectA, Schleich, Stablemates etc.

New Beads and Crimp Covers
Odds and Ends

We've got some things in the shop to move out of here... save them from the dumpster!

xB530s - Oval Buckles, 1/8"/silver color $2.25/sheet of 30.
These buckles were not produced quite properly, and thus ended up a little thin and refined compared to the regular ones. Great for halters and other similar items, and at a reduced price. Supplies limited.
zHD220g - Hooks/gold color $1.00/sheet of 20.
We've got a few old-production versions that are in decent shape available for a discount price, until sold out.

Close-Out Bits Sale!
Old-Production etched bits — when they're gone, they're gone!
Leather Swatch Sample Cards


LCD1 - Leathers–$3.00 with order
(or $4.50 by itself, ppd.)

Includes sample swatches of skiver, sheepskin, lambskin, cow and patent leathers in the available colors.

LCD2 - Suede Colors–$3.00 with order
(or $4.50 by itself, ppd.)

Includes sample swatches of each of the suede colors we currently have in stock.

These swatch cards are 5.5x8.5", and are useful to see and feel the characteristics and color of each of the leathers we carry.
NEW! — Brown Cowhide
1-2 oz. dark brown cowhide leather

LCW2b — Dark Brown 5x6" piece — $3.50
LCW4b — Dark Brown 6x10" piece — $7.00
Skiver Scrap Bag
Approximately .75 oz of natural-colored skiver scraps in various sizes. Enough for quite a few projects, and this amount of scrap is roughly equivalent to a square foot or so.
Please note that availability on this item is intermittant.

LK3n — Skiver Scrap Bag —$1.50