Rio Rondo Enterprises Model Horse Hobby Glossary

There are a number of terms, phrases and expressions often used to describe things in the Model Horse Hobby. The following list includes many commonly used descriptive terms, and their approximate meanings.

Term Acronym
(if any)
A model as found in it's original box or packaging. May not be perfect but does not have any flaws introduced from handling, etc.
Live Show Quality LSQ Implies the quality of the model (whether Original Factory Finish or Customized) is of sufficient quality to place at live shows. Should not have glaring or obvious flaws.
Photo Show Quality PSQ Implies the model has some type of flaw or defect that would be noticeable in person, but can be minimized or hidden in photos.
Remake/Remade RR or R/R or R/R/H A model that has been customized in reference to position/sculptural detailing, painted and possibly also with hair added.
A customized model whose pose has been changed.
A customized model which has been painted.
Haired/Rehaired Reh. or part of R/R/H A customized model which has had hair fibers (mohair, viscose, fake fur etc.) added for the mane and tail.
Live Show LS A show in which competitors personally attend and compete in person.
Photo Show LS A show which is conducted by judging still photos of models set up in various classes.
Gapoxio/Epoxy Putty
A filler material used to add and sculpt new areas onto a customized model or to create original sculptures.
A term that refers to older or no longer current collectible models. Usually applied to the secondary market.
Special Run SR Refers to a variety of limited run types, generally construed to mean any of a variety of limited runs
Limited Edition LE A limited run, often numbered.
Commemmorative Edition (or Run) CE A limited run, usually to commemmorate a particular date, event or year. May have been originally sold with limited numbers or a produced for a limited period of time.
Test Run CE A true "test run" of more than a single "test piece" is comparatively rare, typically unadvertised. Sometimes either confused with or also known as a "Promotional Run".
Test Color Test or TR Usually refers to a single piece from a factory in a color not known to have been issued by that company. The specifics and details can vary on what some consider a "Test Color" or "Test Piece" (sometimes confused with "Test Run"). Few are documented by the factory (ie. "This color was tested on this piece to see what it would look like"). Many are intentionally produced for specific sales, by factory guests, others are inadvertent oddities, mistakes, and even factory rejects or seconds.
Promotional Runs
A small run, usually produced specifically to be sold at a particular event, to promote the company or its products. Usually in limited numbers (25-200) and unadvertised.
Regular or Catalog Runs
Refers to pieces offered in the manufacturer's catalog, typically available to retailers and what will be found on store shelves.
Artisans Hall Run
This term specifically refers to the Peter Stone Factory, and their series of limited offerings. Artisans Hall runs are designed and actually painted by an accomplished hobby/industry artist at the factory, using factory materials and equipment. Run size is typically 150 or fewer. Many feature special detailing or painting effects.
Breyerfest BF or Bfest An annual event sponsored by the Breyer factory, held annually in late July, in Lexington Kentucky.
Refers to the manufacturer or brand of model
Refers to the actual mold or body/sculptural form. For example... Breyer Lady Phase, Make=Breyer Mold=Lady Phase. Note that many molds are referred to by the name they were originally released under. Often a reference to a MOLD indicates any/all copies from that mold in any color, it does not necessarily specifically mean a particular mold in a particular color. (see below)
Run or Issue
Usually used to refer to a specific brand, mold and color/markings scheme. In context with the term "Mold", a discontinued Run (or Issue) would mean a particular mold is no longer being produced in that particular color scheme. A discontinued MOLD, however, would indicate that the factory is no longer producing any models from that mold in any color. (At least at the time the statement is made). Many molds are brought back into use at future times... in most cases a run or issue is not duplicated exactly at a future date).

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