Rio Rondo Enterprises Adding Manes & Tails to
Resin-Cast Sculptures

The following PDF files cover adding manes and tails to resin-cast sculptures.

These tutorials were prepared with particular reference to our "ValorHP" Thoroughbred resin.

ValorHP Example

Fully Illustrated with step-by-step photos, these tutorials will help show you how to add some special custom touches to the ValorHP resin, and other resin-cast sculptures*.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these PDF files.

*Before modifying any resin-cast sculpture that is not your own original work, please adhere to the sculpting artist's wishes regarding alterations of their pieces. When in doubt, contact the artist directly.

Attaching the Loose Tail

PDF Document
Approx. 602k
Loose Tail

Adding A Sculpted Mane

PDF Document
Approx. 904k
Sculpted Mane

Attaching the Braided Tail

PDF Document
Approx. 562k
Braided Tail

Adding a Braided Mane

PDF Document
Approx. 1.1mb
Braided Mane

Adding A Wire Tail for Hairing

PDF Document
Approx. 471k
Wire Tail

Adding A Mohair Mane and Tail

PDF Document
Approx. 1.6mb
Adding a Mohair Mane and Tail

Preparing Resin Cast Models for Painting--BR8

Step-by-step guide to preparing a resin model for painting, including information on tools and supplies required.

Resin Prep PDF approx 200k

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