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Rio Rondo strives to offer selected fine, thin leathers suitable for crafting miniatures and providing these leathers to you in small pieces, allowing you to try out many types of leathers at a reasonable cost.
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A Note About Leather . . .
Leather is a natural product, and each hide or skin is an individual piece. The coloration, quality and consistency of each hide or skin can vary quite a bit, and in some cases a certain amount of 'imperfections' can be expected to exist. While some types of leathers (and tanning processes) tend to produce more reliable and consistent results, not all types of leather are consistent from hide to hide.

Individual artisans may have different tastes in exactly which type of leather seems best for a particular type of project. It often pays to occasionally obtain pieces of different leathers to assess the qualities to determine what meets your needs and preferences best.

Tooling Leather
Vegetable-tanned tooling leathers are the standby for leather projects that involve stamping, carving/tooling and color-dying.

Leather Lace
Leather Lace is a staple item for making miniature strap goods, such as halters and bridles. Flat Leather Lace

Round Leather Lace

Suede Leather
suede array
Use this thin pigskin suede to add color to saddle seats, doll chaps and clothing, protective leg boots and costume items.

Skiver, (pronounced "SKY-ver") is a paper-thin sheepskin leather suitable for covering small items. This natural colored skiver can be dyed to suit to match tooling leathers.

Buttery soft and and flexible, with a flesh nap on both sides, chamois is most commonly used to simulate "sheepskin" lining on the undersides of miniature western saddles.

Black Japanese Plonge
Premium-quality ultra-thin black leather that is two-sided. Satin top-grain with fine black sueded backside. This is a very supple and "drapey" leather, with lots of flex. Used for linings, doll clothing, and tiny-scale items.

Black Kip Leather
Semi-Matte finish black leather, with a fine grain, and more body and firmness than our other black leathers. Suitable for larger-scale saddles and related tack.

Patent Leather
Patent Leather
Patent Leather has a glossy finish. It is thin, and fairly flexible and is best used where a high polished and showy look is desired, such as for harness items and doll boots or shoes.

Kidskin Leather
A semi-gloss, firm goat leather with gorgeous deep color. Suitable for traditional-scale saddles and tack. Can be skived to be thinner. Useful for traditional-scale tack items.

Sheepskin Leather
A two-sided buttery-soft sheep leather . The top-grain semi-satin surface features moderately "distressed" coloring , while the flesh side has a partial nap intermixed with shiny sparkles. Can be used for english tack, protective boots and more.

This supple, soft-bodied leather features a semi-satin grain side with a very soft, buttery flesh side similar to chamois. Useful for english tack items and small-scale western tack.

Roughout Sheepskin
Vegetable-tanned sheepskin that is roughout on both sides. Soft, flexible with a flesh "nap". Suitable for projects where roughout leather is desired, or for "building up" under other leathers.
Limited supply/Close-out item.

Leather Swatch Cards
See and feel a small sample of the leathers and colors we carry with these swatch cards you can save for reference.
LCD1– Basic Leathers–$3.00 w/order
LCD2– Suede Colors– $3.00 w/order

*LCD1p– Basic Leathers–$4.50
*LCD2p– Suede Colors–$4.50
*–if you order both cards together
(outside of a regular order) , the total for both is $7.50

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