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Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal

10th Anniversary Special Edition

Leather Crafter's Journal
Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal Magazine
$7.75 ea
Priority Shipping PPD, US addresses only.
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Leather Crafter's Journal Website

This magazine is still in publication, printed bi-monthly (6 issues a year) and is a beautiful reference and inspirations for leather-working techniques, ideas, suppliers and more. Check it out!


What Happened:
A long time ago, we received these magazines as a promotional give-away. Apparently they got lost in the shop and completely forgotten.

Although the date may seem a little old, leather working information is timeless. These magazine are gorgeous, and deserve to go to new homes. In no way do they belong in the trash!

The problem is, they weigh a ton, don't fit in our usual packaging for a reasonable price, and are about 3/8" thick.

So here's the deal:
We will ship these out Priority, in standard flat USPS mailers for $7.75. That is the cost of shipping. If you like, we can squeeze in a few *FLAT* items (etchings, leather) but not a lot of stuff, as there's not a lot of room.

So basically you get Priority shipping for less than our usual rate, and can add a few items if you wish.

First-come first-serve. (If you wish to have one shipped to a non-USA address, please inquire, although the price is going to be well over $20usd).

Meanwhile, our apologies to the fine folks at Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal.
Go visit them!

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