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One Sixth Scale Items, In Process...


Stevo at Stevo's Toys pretty regularly has Brand Spanking New Horses that were cast/molded in the original Thunderbolt molds (!) Why mess with a fifty year old relic when you can get a brand new one? Stevo also has 1/6 scale guns, rigs, zombies, and all kinds of stuff for the 1/6 enthusiast, just go there and take a look.

And, we finally did the work to fix up a 1/6 scale bridle kit to go with our 1/6 scale cast bits. It's a little different that the smaller kits - you'll need to get the kit AND a bit to go with it (keeps it simpler). The kit is part number KWB16 and costs $5.75 (includes complete instructions), see below for info regarding the pewter bits.

Current 1/6 Scale Items:

Part No.Item Desc. (cast pewter, all fit Marx Thunderbolt)Price Each
C671/6 Scale Shoe set (4)$7.75
GRAZ161/6 Scale Grazing Bit Set$10.00
SAL161/6 Scale Salinas Bit Set$10.00
CAV161/6 Scale Cavalry Bit Set - includes curb chain$15.00
KWB161/6 Scale Bridle Kit - requires bit (above), instructions included$5.75
none1/6 Curb Halter Pattern Sheet

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Images of the Shoes, Grazing bit, Salinas bit, Cavalry bit

I've got a set of sized leather lace for this, I got it measured and laid out a while back, and here, finally, is the pattern sheet

The first complete, brass, built, prototype M1859 bit, sans rosettes, which I eventually gifted to Kirby Jonas, for bugging me enough to actually make them.

A Group Shot of early prototype work
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