Hand-Dyed leathers need a protective Finish coating on the surface!

Choose from a selection of Leather Finishes to enhance the beauty and add a protective top coat to your creations. A finish coat will help seal the surface to prevent color-transfer from the dye to other objects, as well as protect the top surface of your leather items from dirt and grime, and give modest protection from potential water damage.

Leather Finishes clean up with soap and water, and contain no alcohol or other volatile solvents.

Leather Finish

Please Follow All Label Instructions & Precautions.

Please Note: we cannot ship leather finish outside of the Continental USA at this time.

Choose the level of gloss and protection you prefer, among the four different leather finishes we carry.

Water-Based Leather Finishes
DYE441 Tan-Kote

Fiebings Tan-Kote
Semi-Gloss – 4 oz.
Semi-gloss protective coating that is a bit thicker than the other finishes. Can be thinned with a little water for easier application. Apply 1-2 coats.
DYE442 SuperShene

Tandy Super Shene
Semi-Gloss – 4.4 oz.
Semi-gloss coating that adds a good layer of protection. Best choice for use as a "resist" when multiple colors are used. Apply 1-2 coats.
DYE443 SatinShene

Tandy Satin Shene
Matte finish – 4.4 oz.
Nearly flat matte finish for a soft, natural look. Can also be mixed with Super Sheen to achieve satiny sheens between gloss and matte. Apply 1-2 coats.
DYE444 Carnauba Creme

Tandy Carnauba Creme
Wax satin finish – 4.4 oz.
Apply to leather and buff off to add a beautiful satin glow. Not as protective against water as other finishes, but helps add a soft, natural "feel", and beautiful lustrous glow.

These finishes will help protect the top surface against water damage (carnauba wax to a lesser degree) but will not make your leather "waterproof". Leather can still get water stains from water that seeps in from the edges or undersides.

Finishing Tips:

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