Mohair & Hairing Fibers have been discontinued

Remaining stock is available until it is sold out.

Lifelike manes and tails can be added to any model with Mohair and other natural fibers.


All mohair is sold by the 1-foot hank (approx 6.3grams, fiber length is 3-6", variable within each hank).

1 foot is enough to hair most traditional sized models, however if your project requires a really long mane and tail, we recommend 2 ft to be sure you have enough of the longest fibers. Alpaca fibers tend to run a little shorter in length.

RIT dyes can be used to create custom colors and tints.

Mohair and Fibers

For more information on how to hair a model horse:
Adding a Mohair Mane & Tail — PDF Document approx 1.6mb

Hairing Fibers
Description Part # Price
ea. 5+
ea. 15+
Mixed Honey Mohair MH2-h
Mixed HoneyCloseout
$2.00 $1.85 $1.75
Black Alpaca MH5-ak
$1.00 85¢ 75¢
Mix or match 15 or more hanks of mohair
to qualify for the 15+ discount on all of them.

Mohair is a silky natural fiber obtained from the Angora Goat. It is sheared from the goat, cleaned, carded and made into "top" which is no more than a long, loose rope of hair. Once cleaned and topped, the mohair can be dyed to suit.

The silky, fine texture and slightly wavy curl of mohair make it an excellent choice for model horses. While natural horsehair would seem to be the obvious choice here, in reality horsehair is far too coarse to be used acceptably to add haired manes and tails to scale models.

Alpaca comes from South America and is a finer fiber than mohair, although it is rather similar. Alpaca is softer, but not quite as silky as mohair. Like wool it does have a bit more of a 'crimp' to it, than mohair.

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