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ClassMate Polish
Sunshine Polishing Cloth

Goodies every Model Horse Hobbyist should have on hand!

Tacky Wax

Use this soft, tacky wax (also known as "Sticky Wax" or "Mini-Hold Wax") to hold bits in place on the model's mouth, help position reins, props, dolls, accessories and more. One pot will last a's a well known fact you're more likely to lose the pot than use it all up!

#HD10 – Tacky Wax
$3.75 each.

"Sunshine" Polishing Cloth

Use this chemicalized polishing cloth for all your metal hardware and decorative items on your tack. Polishes just about anything to a lustrous shine!

The harder you rub, the brighter the shine!

#HD20 –Polishing Cloth
$2.25 ea.
(approx 4.75 x 3.75")
Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth

Classmate Protective Polish

This matte-finish polish is ideal for coating eartips, muzzles and other areas on your custom models and painted resins that are prone to rubs and scuffs.

#HD15 –Classmate Protective Polish
(1/2 oz. bottle)

Note: This item cannot be shipped outside of the Continental US.

Learn to keep your silver items bright and shiny with
our Silver Care Brochure


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