Rio Rondo Enterprises Excel
Hobby Knives
& Blades

Excel brand hobby-knives and blades are among the best available for fine detail cutting and even skiving of small leather items.

We offer three handles to choose from (each comes with one blade and a protective cap), as well as two different knife blade styles.

Knife Handles
Hobby Knives

TL101Deluxe Plastic/Aluminum Handle Knife
with hex-shaped end, designed not to roll.
TL102Aluminum Handle Knife $2.50

Knife Blades
Excel Hobby Knife Blades

TL1205Tapered Blades5 pack $2.25
TL1215Tapered Blades15 pack w/box $6.00
TL1305Stencil Blades5 pack $2.25
TL1315Stencil Blades15 pack w/box $6.00

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