No workbench for miniature tackmaking is complete without Needlenose Pliers, all-purpose Cutters, Round-Nose pliers and Hemostats, to help with the assembly and building of various projects.

Pliers and Cutters

Prop65 Warning

Prop. 65 Warning:
Cancer and Reproductive Harm

The vinyl material on the handles of TL721, TL722 and TL724 carry a Prop65 warning due to the presence of the phthalate DEHP.

Xuron™ Micro Shear Flush Cutters

These small flush cutters are the best deal for the money to cut apart etched hardware items. They cut right through the frames and cleanly snip off connecting tabs, leaving very little to smooth off. These cutters are the hands-down favorite in our own shop. 5" handles.

TL723 Xuron Micro Shear Flush Cutter

Xuron™ Cutters
TL723Xuron™ Micro Shear Flush Cutters $13.50 ea.

EuroTool® Slimline Needle Nose Pliers

These are some of the finest-tipped needlenose pliers we've seen, at an affordable price. Smooth-jawed and suitable for bending wire or holding small parts without marring them, these pliers will be a welcome addition to any hobby tackmaker's tool box.

4.5" handles, jaws are .275" wide tapering down to a .047" tip.
Made in USA

TL721 Needle Nose Pliers

Needle Nose Pliers
TL721Needle Nose Pliers$6.00 ea.

EuroTool® Slimline Round Nose Pliers

Also known as "Rosary Pliers", these are perfect for forming buckles and rings of all types from wire. These pliers feature ultra-small tips, allowing you to make absolutely tiny items easily. Imagine what you can do in miniature with a pair of these, and using finer wire than shown!

4.5" handles, jaws are .170" wide tapering down to a .039" tip.

TL722 Round Nose Pliers

Tiny handmade buckles made with fine round nose pliers

Round Nose Pliers
TL722Round Nose Pliers$6.00 ea.

EuroTool® Knotting Pliers

These slender, extra-fine pliers have a sleek, narrow profile, tiny tips and less taper to the tip than most needle-nose type pliers. Traditionally used for tying knots in beadwork, these refined pliers work well to bend and shape keepers and other etched parts, as well as other typical uses for a needle-nose.

Knotting Pliers differ from Needle-Nose, in that they are actually a bit "sticky" when closed... the jaws want to stay in place... allowing you to set the pliers down while they are holding a part. (They also don't have the "spring" opening feature.) These can be used like very gentle hemostats, lightly holding a part on their own.

5" handles, jaws are .170" wide tapering down to a polished .042" tip.

TL723 Knotting Pliers

Knotting Pliers
TL724Knotting Pliers$8.00 ea.


Hemostats work like miniature locking clamps. They'll hold parts in place for you while you're waiting for glue to dry, so you can move on to doing other things. Keep three or four pair around to keep your workflow going so you don't have to spend so much time waiting for glue to dry!

Our Hemostats are very small, lightweight and well-suited for your small projects. Bent-nose design holds parts up off of your work area. Soft-coated handles are easier on your hands.

To keep the serrated jaws from marring leather parts, you can place a "shim" scrap of leather between the jaws and the item you are clamping.

5.5" handles.


TL780 Straight-Nose Hemostat
TL781 Bent-Nose Hemostat

TL780Hemostats - Straight-Nose$7.75
TL781Hemostats - Bent-Nose$7.75


Glue does not stick to these economical "Plastistats". Like regular hemostats, they will hold parts together securely for you, while the glue dries, so you can keep working on other steps. The serrated jaws can be smoothed off with a hobby knife, files, or sandpaper. If you like, the tips can be carved to be narrower, or any particular shape you prefer. Not for soldering, they'll melt!



All Pliers
TL723Xuron™ Micro Shear Flush Cutters
$13.50 ea.
TL721Slimline Needle Nose Pliers
$6.00 ea.
TL722Slimline Round Nose Pliers
$6.00 ea.
TL724EuroTool Knotting Pliers
$8.00 ea.
TL780Hemostats - Straight-Nose
TL781Hemostats - Bent-Nose
$1.50 ea.

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