Bead Reamers

Ultra-small diamond reamers come in handy when you need to open up the hole of a bead, or an etched item a little bigger, to pass thread or cord through, or pins, head pins, or wire. A gentle twist or two is usually all that is needed.

Micro Bead Reamer

These Bead Reamers are about 2" long with a 1/8" (.025" or 6.3mm) shank that fits into our CSH18 Scraper Handles or a pin vise, or you can use them without a handle.

Diamond Bead Reamers

Arabian "Sharks Teeth" shown for scale

Bead Reamers
TL826Micro Bead Reamer .025 $2.50 ea.
TL830Mini Bead Reamer .030 $2.50 ea.

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