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As Easy To Use As A Pencil!
Our Carbide Scrapers are the best hand tools you can get to help you clean and remove seams from a variety of materials while preserving (or even adding detail) and are equally useful for fine detail work on original creations. As easy to use as a pencil!

Precision ground from micrograin carbide rod, (the exact same material used in the production of military aircraft parts) these were specifically designed with the artist in mind.

Sharp enough for very fine work, hard enough to carve epoxy putty and retain their edge for a very long time, yet most of the shapes are not prone to cutting skin. In addition, the more substantial carbide material will not "chatter" across seams nearly as much as thin hobby knife blades.

Works on Materials such as:
• Resin
• Sculpey & Fimo
• Plastic
• Epoxy putty
• Wax & Clay
• Ceramic greenware & bisque
• Wood
• Pewter
• most any other soft material
Useful for:
• Sculpt or carve originals.
• Clean & smooth seams from cast items
• Alter or modify existing models.
• Hollow out areas like ears, nostrils, and hooves
• Blend surface contours.
• Deburr sharp edges.

CS601 — Carbide Scraper Set

CS601 - Carbide Scraper Set
A set of six precision ground carbide tips and a collet-tipped handle to hold them securely, in a snap-top plastic box that will keep them from harm when they aren't in use.

CS601—Carbide Scraper Set —$72.00

CS660 — Deluxe Carbide Scraper Set

CS660 Deluxe Carbide Scraper Set
Have all your scrapers ready to use at all times with this deluxe set of six carbide tips and six handles. No need to swap in tips in a single handle! The Deluxe set includes a handy storage box.

CS660—Deluxe Scraper Set —$90.00

CS101 — Single Scraper & Handle

CS101 - Scraper and Handle Set
Give a carbide scraper a tryout with this single scraper set. One CS01 carbide tip, and one CSH18 collet-tipped handle, and basic instructions to get started with.

CS101—Single Scraper & Handle—$17.50
CS601u—Scraper Upgrade Set—$54.50
If you've bought the single scraper, and decide you'd like the whole set, this Upgrade Kit is for you. Includes the remaining 5 scraper tips, plus the storage case to fill in the set.

CSH18 — Scraper Handle
CSH18 Scraper Handle
Available separately, these aluminum-bodied handles with have a 1/8" collet to hold scraper tips securely. Besides scraper tips, they also are very useful for holding dremel burs, needle files, drill bits, and anything else that has a 1/8" shank.

CSH18—Scraper Handle—$4.75
      Order 5 or more handles and get them for $3.75 each.

Carbide Scraper Tips
Available individually, you can select just the tips you want, find replacements or obtain extras to have on hand.

Please see the cautionary statements below, to help ensure your scrapers will last a long time
Individual Carbide Scraper Tips
Handles not included.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS01

Plain Round Carbide Tip
Cuts along a single plane without affecting material behind it. Rounded tip can be used to scrape out excess material in larger depressions.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS04

Angled Round Carbide Tip
Straight-edged blade tapering down in thickness at the tip to get into tight, narrow areas.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS02

Tapered Detail Carbide Tip
Get into small, tight areas to clean seams and add detail where seams have been removed. Also useful to clear filigree areas, and add small details such as tendon grooves, wrinkles, etc.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS05

Knife Carbide Tip
This shape has a variety of uses, most notably for getting to areas nothing else will, carving in details and adding fine lines such as wrinkles. Can be used as a round-ended chisel.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS03

Round Chisel Carbide Tip
Hollow out ears, nostrils, and hoof bottoms by hand with more control than high-speed rotary tools. Particularly effective for small scales.
Rio Rondo Carbide Scraper Tip CS06

Sharp Tapered Carbide Tip
Straight edges can be used across seams. The corners at the tip are very effective for texturing, etched roaning work on paint jobs, and inscribing.

Cautions & Caveats
  • Don't drop them, don't hammer them, don't throw them, don't use them as prying tools, don't whack them against any hard surface, and don't subject them to intense Gamma radiation.
    These tool tips are made from a very hard material, and as a result they are somewhat brittle. Under normal use they will last for a very long time, but if they are mistreated or abused they may break or chip. For example, if they are dropped on a concrete floor, they may not survive intact. If subjected to intense Gamma radiation, they may become dangerously radioactive and will be hazardous to your health outside of the proper facilities.

  • Don't use them on really hard materials like steel files and drill bits.
    While they are hard enough to effectively cut most metals, doing this will cause them to wear more quickly and possibly lose their edge. Even though Gary uses one to sharpen his pocket knife, he doesn't recommend this. The suggested materials to use these on include cast resin, epoxy putty, pewter or other soft metal castings, injection molded plastics, and most other materials that are softer than mild steel.

  • Don't attempt to regrind them.
    Again, these are made of carbide and are very hard. Proper grinding of this material requires a diamond impregnated wheel and a high speed grinder, as well as a knowledge of proper industrial cutter grinding and the use of dust evacuation systems.
    If you are not extremely familiar with this sort of thing, just leave well enough alone.

  • Don't sand them.
     Many of the abrasive materials used in sandpaper and emery cloth are much harder than this grade of carbide, and if you sand them or use sand paper to remove sculpting materials from them you may sand off the sharp edge.

    To remove foreign material from them, use a knife. (carefully)

  • Do Be Prepared for your relatives to pilfer them.
    We've heard from many customers that they needed to buy new scrapers because someone (who shall remain unnamed) has discovered they are just the tool for some other use, and have run off with them.

  • Scrapers do get a little dull with a lot of use.
    However, we have heard from our customers that they often prefer to keep the old one, because a scraper with a "softer" bite to it can be quite handy for very light, delicate work. In fact, with skill you can almost use your scrapers to the point of just barely needing sandpaper for the final smoothing afterward.

  • Take care that they don't roll off your work area.
    If we could get hexagonal-shaped handles, we would!

  • You can mark/label your handles for easy identification.
    Some ideas include:
    • Colored rubber bands
    • Colored tape
    • Paint or Nail Polish
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