Offset Tresser

This sculpting tool works equally well in clay, putty or to help add dimension to carved leather items. It's best use, however, is for sculpting the grooves in manes and tails, as well as to help shape tendon grooves and similar lines.

TL455 Sculpting Tool - Offset Tresser

Many sculpting tools don't have names, so we gave it one!

TL455  Offset Tresser - Side A
TL455  Offset Tresser - Side B

Sculpting Tool
TL455Offset Tresser Tool $3.50 ea.

This double-ended tool features the flat sides offset from each other on each end. The long shape helps make a straighter line where its needed, but the fine point can delicately shape fine detailed areas as well.

This tool is economically priced... and in some ways has economical quality, but don't let that fool you. As cheap as these tools are, they can also be ground and polished to be smaller, or different shapes, to create a unique tool that works best for you.

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