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We offer a variety of leathers for your basic crafting needs. Aside from the Sheepskin Skiver, which can be dyed, the other leathers on this page are already colored, and little to no additional work or preparation is needed. These leathers are specially selected for their suitability for their potential uses in creating fine miniature items, as well as colors best suited for model horse tack in particular.

We try to keep our main offerings of crafting leathers in supply, but occasionally we run out or need to change our offerings based on what is available. Please be sure to check out our odd lots page for additional items, close outs, and limited-stock leathers.
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This paper-thin sheepskin leather is suitable for coverings and linings as well as crafting items that require a very thin and flexible leather. Available in Natural color that can be dyed to suit and will match fairly closely the dyed colors on tooling leather. It comes in a light natural buff color, with a smooth, fine-pored satin-finish surface. It has a little bit of firmness.
Leather Thickness

Skiver is useful for miniature horse boots and doll boots, doll clothing, as well as covering the shoulders of western saddles and other similar items. It is the thinnest leather we carry and is the best choice for very fine items, or projects requiring ultra-thin leather.

Please note that the exact shade of "beige" may vary. Sheepskin skiver, like other undyed vegetable-tanned leathers are prone to "sun tan", and will darken when exposed to light over time.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces. Made in Italy.
Sheepskin Skiver
Thickness: .5mm or .019" or >1/64 — [Range: .015 - .02"]
Weight: 1-1.25 oz.
Natural Skiver LK2n Skiver, natural 5x6" $4.50
Natural Skiver LK4n Skiver, Natural 10x6"
Natural Skiver LK3n Skiver, Scrap Bags, .75 oz.
when available

Skiver skins are available. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

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Chamois is a particular type of leather made from sheep skins, which is buttery soft and very absorbent, hence its popular use to dry and buff automobiles. Soft and flexible, with a lot of stretch, chamois is most commonly used for lining the undersides of miniature saddles, or adding "sheepskin" looking trim to doll items, as its heavy 'nap' and golden-buff coloration adequately represents sheepskin in miniature. And by the way, the "proper" pronunciation is "sham-WA" although many people (including our semi-redneck selves) pronounce it "sham-ee".

Chamois is a very soft, flexible, "drapey" leather, and both sides have a good flesh "nap".

Available in 5x6" pieces.
Thickness: .6mm or .024" or <1/32" — [Range: .018-.030"]
Weight: 1-2 oz.
Chamois LCH2 Chamois (buff) (5x6" piece) $2.50
Chamois LCH3 Chamois scrap bag/.75 oz.
when available

New!–Black Japanese Plonge
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Fine Japanese Plonge leather (pronounced plon- ZHAY) is a thin, soft, supple top-grain cowhide leather with a satin sheen. Available in black only, this leather is similar in overall thickness to skiver, and can be used in similar ways. It is softer and "drapier" than skiver, with a flesh side that is a lovely black suede. Japanese plonge is crafted from US-origin hides that are meticulously processed in Japan.

Black Japanese Plonge

Plonge is suitable for protective boots, doll clothing and boots, and other small-scale projects where a thin, flexible leather is desirable.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces.
Black Plonge
Thickness: .65mm or .025" or <1/32" — [Range: .022 - .028"]
Weight: 1.25-1.5 oz.
Black Plonge LJP2k Plonge, Black 5x6" $4.50
Black Plonge LJP4k Plonge, Black 10x6"

New!–Black Kip Leather
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This black leather is fairly dense with some firmness and is a little less than 1mm thick. It has semi-matte finish with a fine, smooth top-surface grain, and stretch is mostly limited to across the grain. This leather is from young cattle, is vegetable-tanned, and is extremely smooth and consistent.
Black kip is a little firmer and less stretchy than our Black Matte Cow leather. Available only in black color, this leather is suitable for english saddles and tack, harness items, and small-scale western and other tack items.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces.
Black Kip Leather
Thickness: .9mm or .036" or >1/32" — [Range: .032 - .040"]
Weight: 2-2.5 oz.
Black Kip LKIP2 Black Kip, 5x6" $3.00
Black Kip LKIP4 Black Kip, 10x6"

Black Leathers
We've got 3 different black cowhide varieties that are each distinctly different in terms of thickness, feel, surface features and potential uses. Find Black Cowhide and Black Matte Cow here.

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This is an exciting new leather available in 3 colors. Top grain goat leather has a semi-gloss finish, with deep, rich color. It is a little over 1mm thick, and rather dense and firm, with very little stretch. This leather can be skived or sanded on the flesh side to make it thinner and more flexible. This is one of the prettiest leathers we carry, with very clean surface characteristics.


Kidskin leather is suitable for english saddles and tack, harness items, and small-scale western and other tack items. It is a bit thick and firm for protective boots, but if it is skived or sanded down, kidskin can be suitable for nearly any project.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces.
Available in Black, Dark Brown and Rust colors.
Please let us know if you have a need for this leather in additional colors.
Thickness: .9mm or .035" or  >1/32" — [Range: .032 - .040"]
Weight: 2 - 2.5 oz.
Small – 5 x 6" Size Large – 6 x 10" Size
Black Kidskin LD2k Kidskin, Black, 5x6" $3.00 Black Kidskin LD4k Kidskin, Black, 6x10"
Dark Brown Kidskin LD2b Kidskin, Dark Brown, 5x6" $3.00 Dark Brown Kidskin LD4b Kidskin, Dark Brown, 6x10" $6.00
Rust Kidskin LD2r Kidskin, Rust, 5x6" $3.00 Rust Kidskin LD4r Kidskin, Rust, 6x10" $6.00
LD6 Kidskin scrap bag/.75 oz.
when available

Sheep Skin
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This thin, buttery-soft sheepskin leather has 2 different sides to it.
The top-grain surface has very smooth semi-satin sheen, fine pores, and with moderately "distressed" coloring, while the flesh side has a partial nap intermixed with mottling and shiny sparkles. You can use either side of this leather for your projects. The "distressed" coloring is most notable on the rust color, and much less so on the brown and black colors. This sheepskin has a very similar feel to Lambskin, but is just a shade thinner and more pliable than lambskin.


Available in Black, Brown and Rust colors.
Sheep Skin
Thickness: .8mm or .03" or ~1/32" — [Range: .024-.038]
Weight: 2 - 2.5 oz.
Small – 5 x 6" Size Large – 6 x 10" Size
Sheep Skin LG2k Sheep Skin, Black, 5x6" $3.50 Sheep Skin LG4k Sheep Skin, Black, 6x10"
Sheep Skin LG2b Sheep Skin, Dark Brown, 5x6" $3.50 Sheep Skin LG4b Sheep Skin, Dark Brown, 6x10" $7.00
Sheep Skin LG2r Sheep Skin, Rust, 5x6" $3.50 Sheep Skin LG4r Sheep Skin, Rust, 6x10" $7.00

Patent Leather
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Patent Leather

High Gloss "patent leather" has been historically used on boots, shoes, purses and show harnesses. This patent leather is made from pigskin, with super-shiny mirror-like top finish layer. This leather is fairly flexible and pliable, with some stretch.

This leather will work well for harness, costume and other specialty projects.

Available in 5x6" and 10x6" pieces.
Patent Leather currently is available in Black, Red and White colors.
Patent Leather
Thickness: .6mm or .024" or <1/32" — [Range: .02-.028"]
Weight: 1.5 - 2 oz.
Small – 5 x 6" Size Large – 6 x 10" Size
Patent Leather LPT2k Patent Leather, Black, 5x6" $3.00 Patent Leather LPT4k Patent Leather, Black, 6x10"
Patent Leather LPT2rd Patent Leather, Red, 5x6" $3.00 Patent Leather LPT4rd Patent Leather, Red, 6x10" $6.00
Patent Leather LPT2w Patent Leather, White, 5x6" $3.00 Patent Leather LPT4w Patent Leather, White, 6x10" $6.00

Leather Swatch Cards
See and feel a small sample of the leathers and colors we carry with these swatch cards you can save for reference.
LCD1– Basic Leathers–$3.00 w/order
LCD2– Suede Colors– $3.00 w/order

*LCD1p– Basic Leathers–$4.50
*LCD2p– Suede Colors–$4.50
*–if you order both cards together
(outside of a regular order) , the total for both is $7.50
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