Color Formulas & Techniques Book

The Bible of
Painting Model Horses and Sculptures

Currently Out of Print


– For the Model Horse Artist

by C. Williams

Formula Cards are Still Available!

As of Sept, 2018, this book still remains out of print. While I do have plans to update this book, it really does take a phenomenal amount of time and research, which current conditions do not allow for.

This page is here to provide reference and background information on the Color Formulas & Techniques Book

Occasionally, copies become available on eBay, and other hobby sales venues, if you should be seeking a copy of this book meanwhile.

— Carol Williams

Whether you are a beginner about to paint your first model or an experienced artist looking for some new ideas, this book has something to offer everyone. Loaded with illustrations, detailed information and useful is an invaluable reference guide for any hobbyist, whether your goal is to learn to paint models or just to learn more about this unique artform.

Color Formulas & Techniques for the Model Horse Artist

2nd Edition

436pp illustrated
8.5x5.5 format bound in 3-ring easel-binder
Included set of 60 color formula and reference cards.

Topics Covered Include:

Formula Cards are Still Available!

Color Formulas & Techniques
Color Reference Photos

Color samples illustrating the formulas contained on the Reference Cards

You might find these prepping and customizing tutorials helpful:

Custom Work Tutorials