Get a jump-start on the arts and crafts of the Model Horse hobby with this selection of titles by C. Williams and others. These books are great resources, putting the information you need and want at your fingertips!

It's A Cinch!

Learn how to make string cinches, girths and breastcollars inexpensively, so you can add that extra touch of realism to your tack sets.

It's A Cinch Book

—features step-by-step photos that take you through the process of weaving a string cinch or girth from embroidery floss or pearl darning thread.

Instructions are included to assist you in easily assembling a simple home-made "loom" and weaving tools, as well as details on how to craft some of the hardware from scratch.

Instructions for string breastcollars are also included.

24 pages, illustrated
by Carol Williams

It's A Cinch Book
BK2"It's A Cinch!" book $6.00

Color Formula Card Set

Set of 60 reference cards that went with the now out-of-print "Color Formulas & Techniques" book. Card size is 5.5 x 4.25".

While the formulas on these cards were designed for oil paints, the colors can be converted to acrylic equivalents. The set includes formulas for various shades of chestnut, bay, red dun, buckskin, grulla etc, as well as 4 blank cards to record your own formulations. Each formula card has a place on the back to record your paintjobs and make notes.

The 4 reference cards contain basic painting info on shadings, points, and formulas for detailing colors (such as eyes, hooves, etc)

These cards can be hole-punched to use with a small ring binder.

Color Formula Card Set
BCD10Color Formulas Cards $12.00

Out Of Print

Color Formulas & Techniques —For the Model Horse Artist

Out of Print — See page for more info
The definitive reference to painting model horses and resin-cast horse sculptures! This book covers most all aspects of handpainting three dimensional horse figurines.

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