Knightly Cadence

Traditional Scale

Cantering Morgan Stallion

by Carol Williams

Phase 2 Edition

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Resin-Cast – Unpainted – Open Edition

2007 —

8-1/4" At Eartips — 6-7/8" At Withers
14-1/8" Nose-to-Tail Tip

Sculpted By Carol Williams

"Knightly Cadence"  (or simply "Cadence" as we refer to him here) depicts in detail the grace and form of a mature Morgan stallion. His collected and cadenced gait, exquisitely detailed, attentive face with cocked ear, and elegant posing make him a beautiful example of his breed. His baroque carriage is reminiscent of a Knight's fine mount, and his gaily-carried tail add to his classic looks.

"Cadence" comes with a removable stand, but can be displayed without it.

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Knightly Cadence Phase 2 is a moderately altered version of the original Phase 1 edition. The original Phase 1 edition was sold out in 2007.

Comparison Images

Knightly Cadence Resin-Cast Morgan Stallion Sculpture

Phase 2

Knightly Cadence Resin-Cast Morgan Stallion Sculpture

Phase 1

Knightly Cadence Phase 1 Reference