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Thoroughbred Galleries

Knightly Cadence

Cantering Morgan Stallion – Open Edition
Phase 1 & Phase 2 Versions

Knightly Cadence - Morgan Stallion

Knightly Cadence Galleries

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Stock Horse Mare – Open Edition
Phase 1 & Phase 2 Versions

Matriarch - Stock Horse Mare

Matriarch Galleries

Still Dreamin
Still Dreamin
Okie Rio
Okie Rio
Parrs Dream Doll
Parrs Dream Doll
Okie Rio
Okie Rio

Weanling Galleries

Galleries Of Other Models Painted by Carol Williams

Sculptures by Other Artists and Other Manufactures
that have been Painted by Carol Williams

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TB Hunter Gelding – Edition Sold Out

Edition Limited to One Mold Run – 75 Pieces
many Guest Artists represented

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Closed Edition

Arabian Park Horse - Limited Edition - Closed

Limited Edition of 125
Sculpted & Painted by Carol Williams

Tackmakers Galleries