The Legacy

Sierra produced three fine foals in the time she was with me. Each one is a unique and quality individual... and yet, all of them bear some physical resemblance, and quite a bit of behavioral resemblance to their dam. All three of them are versatile, agile, intelligent horses, with cow sense, speed and ability. In my estimation, she out-produced herself on each one.

Sierra never had any trouble foaling, consistently slipping every foal she had with hardly any notice and quickly. Twice she foaled in the middle of the day even! She has always been a pleasant lady to work with as a broodmare, never getting excited or upset when anyone is working with her foals. She stays a polite distance away, ever watchful, and with the occasional whicker of reassurance to her young ones.


Moose, shown here at age 4, started out as a very leggy and gangly youngster, and always appeared to look a year younger than he actually was. That is, until he was around 6 years old, at which time he suddenly bloomed. With massive bone and muscling to match, as an adult he is quite an impressive specimen... every muscle detail and vein shows through his fine coat. Gaining extra speed from his sire "Missile Bar Deck", he's got speed and cowsense and is a top roping horse.


'Parrmie' was an unusual character from birth... he tended to be a little bit on the skittish side, but mostly is just too smart for his own good. Always a thinker, he could puzzle his way out of a number of fixes he found himself in. These days, he works in the feedlot and is starting to learn roping. He's got a lot of cow in him, and has always been very correct in his build. He was graced with a bizarre "birthmark" of sorts, along his right shoulder... a ragged patch of golden chestnut instead of red. Named after the armadillo-shaped blaze on his forehead, his sire is "Ratchetts Parr". Pictured here at age two.


Peaches is (so far) Sierra's last and youngest, and has been a total baby-doll since the day she was born. She is currently a 2yo, and unlike her siblings (who have tended to be a bit slow to maturity) her own development takes more after her sire's side, having never really had an "ugly" stage. She was started in training this past spring, and has enormous talent. She appears to have cowsense; liquid gaits to watch... silk to ride. A sweetheart, just like her mom, yet with a spark and intelligent eye, and a lot of promise to carry on her dam's legacy of performance, and possibly fine foals as well.

Aside from her red dun color, and star on her face, in photos sometimes one is not certain whether they are looking at her, or her dam... they are so similar overall. Her sire is "Definitly A Dunit" and she's registered with the ABRA as "Nemesis Project". Her registered name stems from the fact that Peaches seems to have a proclivity towards getting herself in some serious pickles on a regular basis. Ever curious, and pretty much fearless... she has a habit of crawling into and on things she shouldn't! I only hope in her quest to amuse herself, she doesn't end up doing herself in!

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