Power Steering Resin Horse

Traditional Scale

Cutting Horse Mare

Limited Edition – Closed

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Resin-Cast – Unpainted – Closed Limited Edition

circa 1997

The Power Steering resin run produced by Dabar is closed and has long since sold out. There were an estimated 120-150 Power Steerings produced over the course of the run. DaBar Enterprises was the sole distributor of this piece.

Power Steering Painted by C. Williams
Power Steering Painted by C. Williams

The Power Steering was a well-received and successful resin, and due to this Chris modified and rereleased this mold as Whiplash. Carol Williams still has plans to do likewise, however, no release date has been determined.

Chris (Nandell) Flint and myself, Carol Williams, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with this piece and the many artists and customers who have made the Power Steering a very successful resin edition.

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