ValorHP -- TB Stallion -- Hair Prep The

Traditional Scale

Thoroughbred Stallion

Hair-Prep Version

Unpainted Solid-Cast Resin
Limited Edition

(edition limited to two mold runs)

See the Valor Full Version with attached mane & tail

9.9" At Eartips -- 7.53" At Withers -- 11.375" Nose to Tail-Tip

Sculpted By Carol Williams

Tutorials Explaining How to Attach Manes, Tails, Mohair etc. to your ValorHP resin!
Available for download in PDF format.

Gallery of Painted Thoroughbreds

VARA & Copyright Statement
Unpainted copies are provided for the customer or finisher
to complete as they desire in reference to all finishing work
to include modification or alteration of the sculpture itself.
However, the sculpting artist, Carol Williams, retains all
reproduction copyrights of the sculptural aspects,
expressly including any/all derivative works.

All copies painted by the sculpting artist will be marked
as such and will be sequentially numbered and documented.

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