ValorHP - TB Stallion

Traditional Scale (1:9)

TB Stallion

by Carol Williams

Hair Prep Edition – Closed

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Hair Prep Edition
Edition Closed

2006 — 2008

ValorHP with Loose Tail
ValorHP with Braided Tail

9.9" At Eartips — 7.53" At Withers — 11.375" Nose to Tail-Tip

The original ValorHP Hair Prep edition was limited to two mold runs and was designed to satisfy the artistic tastes of those who enjoy haired manes and tails, or custom sculpting their own manes and tails. ValorHP was offered with the option of either a Loose Tail or Braided Tail to permanently attach to the body.

Once the molding process was completed, Valor was returned to the workshop where he acquired a permanent loose mane and tail for his "final" Valor P1 rendition.

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