Veronka — TB Mare

Traditional Scale (1:9)

Thoroughbred Mare

by Carol Williams

Open Edition

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Resin-Cast – Unpainted – Open Edition

Banded-Mane Version

2012 —

8.4" At Eartips — 7.63" At Withers — 11.375" Eartip to Tail-Tip

Based on the original Victrix, this rendition features a banded mane and forelock, and full length banged tail. I named her in memoriam of my grandmother, who passed just as I was completing this piece. Known as "Verna", she had told me once her "Polish" name was Weronka. Pronounced "vee-RON-kah", I took license to alter the spelling. Naming lore indicates that "Weronka" originates from Greek, and means "Victory Bringer".
Veronka scales out at a little over 17hh in 1:9 scale.

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