Adorn your Model Horses with these Horse-Jewelry items


Create model-horse scale replicas of popular Syrian, Bedouin and Egyptian style Arabian halters with these new etched items!

Horse Jewelry Charms

We've also got parts representing Marwari, Turkoman and Akhal-Teke adornments, providing a wide array of possibilities.

Sharks Teeth, Coins, Tassel Charms, Crescents, Fish Charms, Lead Hooks Connectors, Pectoral Plate sets and and more!

Create authentic costumes, or mix-and-match to create unique Horse Jewelry for your models!

Of course, you may find some of the items lend themselves to other jewelry pursuits...


Images below are artistic representations of what the actual parts look like
(the artwork is very close!) and depicted at 200% (double) actual size.

Sharks Teeth Mini Sheets
Sheets of 30 pieces
Shown at over twice actual size
A821s Deco Snaggle Deco Snaggle Teeth
Silver color

A822s Deco Snaggle Plain Snaggle Teeth
Silver color

A823s Talons Talons
Silver color

A824s Fangs Fangs
Silver color

A826s Small Fangs Small Fangs
Silver color

30 teeth per sheet, half facing left, half right. Enough for two nosebands, or one larger collar or breastplate.

More Sharks Teeth

Sharks Teeth
Sharks Teeth Mini Sheets
Sheets of 30 pieces
Shown at over twice actual size
A821g Deco Snaggle Deco Snaggle Teeth
Gold color

A822g Deco Snaggle Plain Snaggle Teeth
Gold color

A823g Talons Talons
Gold color

A824g Fangs Fangs
Gold color

A826g Small Fangs Small Fangs
Gold color

30 teeth per sheet, half facing left, half right. Enough for two nosebands, or one larger collar or breastplate.

More Sharks Teeth

Sharks Teeth

Sheet of 150 pieces, 2 sizes
A835s Coins Coins
Coins - Silver color

A835s Coins Coins
Coins - Gold color

Use these tiny Coins to add dazzling bling to halters, bridles, breastplates and other tack items for Dancing Horses and more.
Seed Pods – Turkoman
Sheet of 84 pieces
A836s Seed Pod Charms Seed Pod Charms
Seed Pod Charms - Silver color

A836s Seed Pod Charms Seed Pod Charms
Seed Pod Charms - Gold color

Turkoman-Style "Seed Pods" charms, to add to bridles and nosebands for authentic costume items, as well as many other tack items.

Fish Charms – Marwari
Sheet of 84 pieces
A837s Fish Charms Fish Charms
Fish Charms - Silver color

A837s Fish Charms Fish Charms
Seed Pod Charms - Gold color

Marwari Fish charms to add to Bridles, Nosebands, Browbands and Doll Costumes.
Leaves & Baubles – Teke
Sheet of 100 pieces
A838s Teke Leaves Teke Leaves
Teke Leaf Charms - Silver color

A838s Teke Leaves Teke Leaves
A838gTeke Leaf Charms - Gold color

Akhal-Teke inspired "Leaf" charms, to add to Teke neckbands, as well as use as generic charms. Chain them together with the "Bauble" connectors, and use the Leaves pointed up or down for variety. Just snip off any extra loops to get just the look you want. Glue crystals on the Baubles for even more bling, or color them with nail polish or permanent markers.

Pendants & Hangers
Sheet of 56 pieces
A870s Pendants Pendants & Hangers
Pendants - Silver color

A870g Pendants Pendants & Hangers
Pendants - Gold color

Hang these Pendants from halters, bridles, breastplates and more, for attaching charms and coins, or even thread tassels to create all kinds of styles. Combined with other charms and connectors, you can chain and cascade items together in nearly infinite variety! Add color using crystals or a little dot of nail polish. Snip off any loops you don't need or want to use.
Pectoral Plate Sets
Sheet of 40 pieces
A871s Pectoral Plate Sets Pectoral Plates
Pectoral Plates - Silver color

A871g Pectoral Plate Sets Pectoral Plates
A871gPectoral Plates - Gold color

Create breast plates by using these sets of Pectoral Plates for your center adornment. Many holes and loops provide a variety of different attachments to achieve many different looks.
Use them "nested", one inside the other, or cascading downward. Clip off any loops you don't want or need. Sheet includes 6 sets and a smattering of extra parts.

Sheet of 36 pieces
A872s Medallions Medallions
Medallions - Silver color

A872g Medallions Medallions
A872gMedallions - Gold color

Add medallions to the center of Pectoral Plates or Pendant hangers, or attach to nosebands and browbands. Use them to attach arrays of coins or charms. Coupled with connectors and crystals, the two sizes of medallions will allow you create many gorgeous tack items in miniature.
Charm Assortment
Sheet of 74 pieces
A873s Charms Charms
Charms - Silver color

A873g Charms Charms
Charms - Gold color

Various stars and tassel charms to be added to Pendants, Pectorals, Medallions, and even chains. Other charms, or even thread tassels can be added to the tassels for chain effects.

Sun & Moon Charms
Sheet of 90 pieces
A874s Sun and Moon Charms Sun & Moon Charms
Sun & Moon Charms - Silver color

A874g Sun and Moon Charms Sun & Moon Charms
A874gSun & Moon Charms - Gold color

Crescent Moons in 4 sizes and Dazzling Suns in two sizes will add celestial elements to your tack items. Use them as charms, or as connectors to create chains and cascades and layered effects. Add crystals for extra bling, and you can snip off any loops you don't need.
Star Charms
Sheet of 28 pieces
A875s Stars Stars
Stars - Silver color
A875g Stars Stars
A875gStars - Gold color
Five-Pointed Stars in two sizes, to add to bridles, nosebands, browbands, and even western or parade items.

Sheet of 151 pieces
A876s Connectors Connectors
Connectors - Silver color

A876g Connectors Connectors
A876gConnectors - Gold color

Three different connectors to chain charms to medallions, pendants or pectorals, or to chain charms together. Use them to add layered, cascading and alternating effects.
Sharks Teeth
Sheet of 217 pieces
A877s Sharks Teeth Sharks Teeth
Sharks Teeth - Silver color

A877g Sharks Teeth Sharks Teeth
A877gSharks Teeth - Gold color

Every beautiful arabian model needs a matching halter with Sharks Teeth on the noseband! Three different styles of large teeth, and one style of small ones (for foals or classics) Arrange them facing all one way, or half to the left and half to the right, or even alternating! A typical noseband will use 12-16 teeth.
Sharks Teeth
End Caps
Sheet of 54 pieces
A878s End Caps End Caps
End Caps - Silver color

A878g End Caps End Caps
A878gEnd Caps - Gold color

These are most often used to attach chains between them to create nosebands and chinstraps for Arabian-style halters (often outfitted, with sharks teeth, coins or other charms). To make a proper halter, you'll need 6. These can also be used to string chains together for breastplates. This sheet includes 1, 2, 3 and 4 holed-versions.
Lead-Line Hooks
Strip of 7 pieces
A879s Lead-Line Hooks Lead-Line Hooks
Lead-Line Hooks - Silver color

A879g Lead-Line Hooks Lead-Line Hooks
A879gLead-Line Hooks - Gold color

Authentic styles of hooks to attach to the chinstraps of chain nosebands (and then add a cord for a lead rope). This set includes 7 pieces, 4 large size and 3 small.

Special Notes:

These items are very  tiny, with very small holes! You likely will need to craft your own custom-made "jump rings" to attach the charms..... fine gauge silver or small beading/craft wire will work well.

Useful Tools for assembling these items:

Rio Rondo Tools Page

Attach nose and chin chains here with jump rings Arab Hook Attach cord for lead rope here
Attach jump ring here to connect end cap to side halter ring End Cap Attach nose or chin chains with jump rings here

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