Rio Rondo has a huge selection of wares available to you for crafting many special tack items. Included are items cast of pewter, etched and plated metal hardware items, such as buckles, bits, decorative plates, and much, much more!

T10 Hardware Sampler Sheet

This sampler sheet contains over 150 parts, featuring of many of our etched hardware items, including several sizes of buckles, slotted halter rings, dee rings, hooks and bit shanks.


Show Halter Plate Sets

Beautiful coordinated Western Show Halter sets, with a variety of styles to choose from. Also basic name plates for stable halters.

Halter Plates

Iberian, Baroque & Portuguese Decorative Items

Bits, Conchos, Adornments & Buckles in the classical styling for model horses.

Iberian, Portuguese and Baroque Items

Arabian Costume & Horse Jewelry

Sharks Teeth, Coins, Pendants and more to craft beautiful model horse Arabian Halters and Costumes.

Arabian Horse Jewelry Parts

Scale Model Horse Bits

Mini Cast Pewter and Etched Metal bit shanks in Western, English, Driving, Specialty and Classic options. Bit Clips and Connector Bars.

Bits for Model Horses

Miniature Buckles

Mini buckles that fit straps from 1/16" to 3/16" wide in a variety of types and deco styles

Scale Miniature Buckles

Jump Rings

Jump rings are a staple item for a wide variety of mini tackmaking projects.

Jump Rings

Corner Plates & Accessories

Add sparkle to model horse saddles with decorative corner plates and accessory items.

Saddle Corner  and Accessories Plates

Center Plates

Add bling to model horse breastcollars with these useful center plates.

Breastcollar Center Plates

Slotted Halter Rings

Add the perfect touch to miniature halters with Slotted Rings in Traditional, Classic amd Bijoux scales.

Slotted Halter Rings

Bridle & Breastcollar Plates

Detailed, decorated plate sets to match our Saddle Plate themes. Useful for many model horse projects.


Realistic English Stirrups and fancy engraved Western Stirrups in Traditional, Classic & Bijoux sizes.


Scale Miniature Conchos

Add conchos to any tack item, or stack them on top of other plates, bits, and more for special unique looks.

Assorted Scale Miniature Conchos

Miniature Hooks & Curb Chain

Several styles of small hooks and fasteners, and fine curb chain.

Assorted Scale Miniature Hooks

Dee Rings

Miniature etched Dee Rings in 5 sizes, plus tiny Bijoux versions. Suitable for a wide variety of miniature projects.

Assorted Scale Miniature Dee Rings

Beads & Crimp Covers

Put together ferruled bridles, halters and breastcollars using these specially selected beads that fit on our leather laces.

Assorted Tiny Beads

Horse Shoes

Finely detailed miniature horse shoes, suitable for adding that realistic touch to plastic model horses as well as resin sculptures.

Shoes for Model Horses

Harness Parts

Terrets, trace adjustors and harness brasses for use on miniature harness projects.

Model Horse Harness Hardware

Harness Studs & Spots

Use these to decorate saddles, harness, bridles and more. Flat and domed styles available, as well as stars.

Studs and Spots

Colorize Plates

Bijoux (1:18) & StableMate Size Items

Miniature Tack Kits

Other Supplies



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