Rio Rondo Enterprises Miniature Girth
& Cinch Buckles

Select the size of buckle you need based on the width of the material you're working with. For example, if you are using 1/8" lace, then our 1/8" buckles will fit that. Metric Equivalents

1/8" = 3mm
3/32" = 2.7mm
1/16" = 1.5mm - 2mm


English Girth Buckles

These miniature girth buckles feature a cutout tongue bar to help keep the tongue centered, and small "tabs" on the top end, to keep a roller aligned if outfitted with one. (These tabs can be nipped off if they are not needed).

The equalizers provide a realistic girth tightening and adjustment option for some types of English saddles.
Girth Buckles, courtesy of Jana Skybova
photo courtesy of Jana Skybova
Buckle Assembly Tutorial

Make A Roller Buckletutorial courtesy of
Jana Skybova

Girth Buckles & Equalizers
GB18s Buckles GB18s – Girth Buckles 1/8"-Silver – $1.25/4
GB1816s – Girth Buckles 1/8"-Silver – $4.25/16
GB18g Buckles GB18g – Girth Buckles 1/8"-Gold – $1.35/4
GB1816g – Girth Buckles 1/8"-Gold – $4.75/16
GB19s Equalizers GB19s – Equalizers 1/8"-Silver – $1.25/4 pair
GB19g Buckles GB19g – Equalizers 1/8"-Gold – $1.35/4 pair
GB332s Buckles GB332s – Girth Buckles 3/32"-Silver – $1.25/4
GB33216s–Girth Buckles 3/32"-Silver–$4.25/16
GB332g Girth Buckles GB332g – Girth Buckles 3/32"-Gold – $1.35/4
GB33216g–Girth Buckles 3/32"-Gold–$4.75/16
GB34s Equalizers GB34s – Equalizers 3/32"-Silver – $1.25/4 pair
GB34g Equalizers GB34g – Equalizers 3/32"-Gold – $1.35/4 pair
Buckle Tongues not included

Buckle Strap Buckle Assembly Tutorial Buckle Strap

Buckle with a Roller Make A Roller Buckle
tutorial courtesy of Jana Skybova


Western Cinch Buckle Western Cinch Buckles, featuring an extra bar to outfit as a roller buckle if you wish.

Trad Size – fits 1/4" cinch, with a 3/16" latigo or billet strap.

Clas Size – fits 3/16" cinch, with a 1/8" latigo or billet strap.

Western Cinch Buckles
items shown about 2x larger than actual size
GBW60 Cinch Buckle GBW60 –TRAD Square Cinch Buckles
GB65 Cinch Buckles GBW65 – CLAS Square Cinch Buckles
GBW45 Cinch Buckle GBW45 –Rope-Edge Oval Cinch Buckles
Buckle Tongues not included