Rio Rondo Enterprises Dee Rings

Dee Rings versatile basic hardware items for miniature tackmaking. Available in several sizes and silver or gold color. Our photo-etched Dee Rings come in 5 sizes. These sizes are based on interior width measurements, and fit our standard laces. (If you are using 1/8" lace, then 1/8" dee rings will fit best.)

1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" sizes come in packs of 10 or 40
3/16" and 1/4" sizes come in packs of 6 or 24.

Dee Rings

Silver Color Gold Color
D116s 1/16"silver10/$1.50 D116g 1/16"gold 10/$1.75
D11640s 1/16"silver40/$4.25 D11640g 1/16"gold 40/$4.75
D332s 3/32"silver10/$1.50 D332g 3/32"gold 10/$1.75
D33240s 3/32"silver40/$4.25 D33240g 3/32"gold 40/$4.75
D18s 1/8"silver10/$1.75 D18g 1/8"gold 10/$2.00
D1840s 1/8"silver40/$4.75 D1840g 1/8"gold 40/$5.25
D316s 3/16"silver6/$1.75 D316g 3/16"gold 6/$2.00
D31624s 3/16"silver24/$4.75 D31624g 3/16"gold 24/$5.25
D14s 1/4"silver6/$2.00 D14g 1/4"gold 6/$2.20
D1424s 1/4"silver24/$4.50 D1424g 1/4"gold 24/$5.25