Rio Rondo Enterprises Center Plates
March 2016

Breastcollar Center Plates

Based on some requests, we've designed some new possibilities for Breastcollar Center Plates. We'll only have a few test plates initially, but will work to get some supply as soon as possible.


Each centerplate is now outfitted either with loops on the ends, or holes for pin-mounting (PC147). This was dependent on what worked best with the style. Alternatively, we can put tiny loops on each of the 3 "corners" so they can be fastened with pins. (See the rack tests 1, 2 and 3 on the Conchos page.)

We intend to offer these as "stand-alone" products (you can order just one at a time, rather than as part of a set).

If you don't like the loops, you can snip them off and glue or punch holes for attachment.

These are tests, so we'll see how things look and work before making final decisions. For example, the rope-edged round ones have 2 versions... one where the rope design extends onto the loops, and one where it doesn't. We'll probably just pick one of these to go with.

At this time we're just working with "full size" traditional scale items. The largest triangular ones are a little less than 3/4" tall, all told, and the round ones are a little less than 1/2" (the conchos in the center about 3/8").

The attachment loops are set for 3/32" leather tabs.

We do have some alternative shapes/styles in mind, such as an inverted long "teardrop" shape (as seen on our previous "BP" series plate sets) and a small "minimal" triangular style similar to some full size hardware you may have seen.

We're not sure about classic size just now, but if we do it likely would be in the form of smaller ones that can work as refined traditional as well.