Rio Rondo Enterprises Long Plates
March 2016

Long Plates

In-Stock and Now Shipping!

Etched Bridle/Long Plate Sets

"Long Plates" is the term we're currently using to denote long straight plates designed to go on halters, bridles, breastcollars and the like. (As opposed to corner plates, center plates, etc.)

Here's where we're starting on these items:

Long Plates Sheet
1.7" Breastcollar Panel = 2
1" Browband = 2
.8" Noseband = 2
.65" Cheek =2
(Total = 8 plates)

Compared to our previous "BP" plates, each of the plates are wider. They will fit approximately edge-to-edge on typical 3/32" Lace, and almost to the edges on 1/8".

The Brocade style differs in that it is just a little narrower than the others and should fit within the margins on both sizes of lace. The two longer plates also feature "holes" for pin-mounting.

While we now have stock to sell on the 5 styles listed below we do consider this version an "alpha" version, as we'll be making some revisions to the numbers and lengths for final production.

Meanwhile, these Alpha versions are available until sold out! (and replaced with revised sets)
$4.25 each
Plain Edged, Square, Floral
BP141a BP141
Plain Edged, Rounded, Floral
BP142a BP142
Rope Edged, Square, Floral
BP145a BP145
Rope Edged, Rounded, Floral
BP146a BP146
"Brocade" motif
BP147a BP147-Brocade

Testing ... Testing ....

Of course we'll be testing some new ones... notably a couple of new "edge treatments" for possible new future motifs:
Test Edges
At the time I originally posted this page, we took an educated guess as to what they might look like and the simulations may be correct... or not! They were pretty close!

What we have here are:
"Beaded" Edge
"Zig-zag" Edge
"Swirl-Cut" Edge
BP Test #42 BPTest

The Beaded Edge plates looked great, they'll definitely make their way into some new motifs a little later in the production schedule.

The "Swirl-Cut" really looks like a nice "diamond cut" sort of edge... nice and blingy! It too is definitely going to make its way into some new production

The Zig-zag edge is interesting... it is extremely tiny, but you can actually see it. I'm not yet sure on this one (at least in this form) but there's probably uses for the design somewhere in the future.