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Long Plates are typically long, straight plates used to decorate items such as Halters, Bridles & Breastcollars. Some plates may be shaped or curved for special uses (such as One-Ear plates). The only limitation for their use is based on length.

We offer a wide variety of styles and lengths to spruce up your halters, bridles & breastcollars.

Etched Metal Long Plate Sets
Long Plate Sets
for Bridles, Breastcollars & Halters
Items are shown larger than actual size, to illustrate detail.
BP142 - Plains BP142 – "Plains"
Slick-Edged with half-round ends.
$4.00/set.     Photo View
BP145 - Rope-Edge Square BP145 – Rope-Edge Floral
Rope-Edged with square ends.
$4.00/set.     Photo View
BP146 - Rope-Edge Round BP146 – Rope-Edge Floral
Rope-Edged with round ends.
$4.00/set.     Photo View
BP147 - Brocade BP147 – "Brocade"
Matches other "Brocade" themed items
$4.00/set.     Photo View
BP150 - Southwestern BP150 – "Southwestern"
Matches other "Southwestern" themed items
$4.00/set.     Photo View
BP154 - Tempo Star BP154 – "Tempo Star"
Matches other "Tempo Star" themed items
$4.00/set.     Photo View
2 - 1/8" wide, 1.5"/38cm Long Plates (for breastcollar panels)
1 - 3/32" wide, 1.5"/38cm Long Plate (for extra-wide browbands)
2 - 3/32" wide, 1.25"/32mm Long Plates (for avg. browbands or short breastcollar panels)
2 - 3/32" wide, 1"/25mm Long Plates (for cheek pieces, nosebands, short browbands)
3 - 3/32" wide, .8"/20mm Long Plates (for cheek pieces, short brows, etc.)
Total = 10 Plates
Etched Metal Halter Plate Sets
Halter Plate Sets
Each sheet features 5 themed sets of decorative plates to outfit 5 halters.
HP642 Southwestern Halter Plates HP642 – "Southwestern"
Collection of 5 Halter Plate Sets
$14.00 each.
Photo View
HP644 Stars Halter Plates HP644 – "Stars"
Collection of 5 Halter Plate Sets
$14.00 each.
Photo View
HP646 Floral Halter Plates HP646 – "Floral"
Collection of 5 Halter Plate Sets
$14.00 each.
Photo View
Each set includes:

A = Buckles
B = Keepers
C = Tips
D = Slot Rings
E = Nose Plate
F = Cheek Plates
G= Rivet Covers
H = Hook

Etched Plate Basics Colorize Plates
Advanced Decorating

Stable Halter Name Plates
Add a special touch to any stable halter with these plate sets. Use a plate on each cheek piece of the halter, and a little "ID Tag" to match! The plates can be used on any tack items, not just halters.
Names can be added to the plates by printing on a transparent label, and cutting it to fit over the plate!

Set includes 3 pairs of plates in 3 different styles, with tags to make 3 halters. Available in Traditional (1:9) and smaller Classic (1:12) scales.

Items shown at double their actual size

Trad. Stable Halter Name Plate Set
H305s -Traditional Scale (1:9) Stable Halter Name Plate Set
– Nickel Silver Color – $1.25/set

Trad. Stable Halter Name Plate Set
H305g -Traditional Scale (1:9) Stable Halter Name Plate Set
– Gold Color – $1.25/set

Clas. Stable Halter Name Plate Set
H306s- Classic Scale (1:12) Stable Halter Name Plate Set
– Nickel Silver Color – $1.00/set
Clas. Stable Halter Name Plate Set
H306g- Classic Scale (1:12) Stable Halter Name Plate Set
– Gold Color – $1.00/set

See Our Slotted Halter Rings

Alpha-Version Long Plate Sets
for Bridles, Breastcollars & Halters
Original Test Version Plate Sets
– Discontinued/Close-Out
These versions will be available until sold out.
All plates in these sets are 1/8" wide.
2 - 1.7"/43mm – Breastcollar Panel
2 - 1"/25mm – Browband or Noseband or longer Cheek Pieces
2 - .8"/20mm – Noseband, Short Browband, Cheek Pieces
2 - .65"/16mm – Cheek Pieces
Total = 8 plates
zBP141a zBP141a
zBP141a* – Slick-Edge Square
$2.50 each.     Photo View
zBP142a zBP142a
zBP142a* – Slick-Edge Round
reasonably matches BP141
$2.50 each.     Photo View
zBP145a zBP145a
zBP145a* – Rope-Edge Square
matches BP145
$2.50 each.     Photo View
zBP146a zBP146a
zBP146a* – Rope-Edge Square
matches BP146
$2.50 each.     Photo View
zBP147a zBP147a
zBP147a* – "Brocade"
matches BP147
the 2 larger sizes have pinholes for mounting with pins.

$2.50 each.     Photo View

Cast Pewter Long Plates
Make any piece of miniature model horse tack a beautiful show piece by adding these cast pewter plates. Mix or match sizes and styles to create just the look you want. These plates bend to fit the shape of your item, and can be easily attached with super glue. These plates can even be added to tack items you already have!

All plates come with mounting pegs/wires for a secure hold. These are easily snipped off however, as sometimes the bulk is not appropriate for very fine or thin items. For use on a breastcollar, they are ideal; simply make a small hole in the leather using an awl to match each peg, and push the pegs through the holes. Bend the pegs over (trim if necessary) and you've got a secure attachment! Use a little glue underneath as an extra measure. The pegs can be flattened and trimmed for minimal bulk.

For more information on finishing and polishing plates see the
Finishing Brochure BR2
All plates shown are sold individually.
(items shown at approx.actual size)
Halter Plates

H2012.10H2102.10 H2241.80H2812.10
H2022.10H2112.40 H2251.80H2822.10
H2032.10H2122.10 H2261.80H2852.10
H2042.10H2132.10 H2272.10H2872.10
H2052.10H2142.40 H2282.40H2911.80
H2062.10H2201.80 H2712.40H2921.80
H2072.10H2211.80 H2722.40H2951.80
H2082.10H2221.80 H2752.40H2972.10
H2092.10H2231.80 H2772.40

Cast Pewter Matched Sets
These plates are designed to be easily mixed and matched on halters, bridles and breastcollars. The V-shaped browbands bend easily into place on any browband and can be secured with the attached pegs, or with super glue.

The longer halter plates are great for breastcollars and halter nosebands. The medium sized plates make great cheek pieces for halters, or nosebands for classic scale halters. The small plates work ideal for cheek pieces on classic scale halters. Two styles are plain in the center, and can be scribed or engraved!

Halter Plate Sets

H2712.40 H2722.40 H2752.40
H2812.10 H2822.10 H2852.10
H2911.80 H2921.80 H2951.80

Cast Pewter One-Ear Plates
Spruce up your one-ear style bridles with one of these plates! These plates come with a wire peg for a secure fit when used in conjunction with glue. Of course, you're welcome to use these plates anywhere else you can think of as well!
One Ear Plates
Sold Individually


For more information on finishing and polishing plates see the
Finishing Brochure BR2