Long Plates are typically long, straight plates used to decorate items such as Halters, Bridles & Breastcollars. Some plates may be shaped or curved for special uses (such as One-Ear plates). The only limitation for their use is based on length.

Western Show Halter Plate Sets

These new Show Halter sets feature all the deco parts you need to create a beautiful Western-style Show Halter with all the bling.

Buckle Styles and number of parts will vary depending on the theme

Deco Halter Plate Combo Sets

Craft blingy western show halters with these Halter Plate sheets. Each sheet will outfit 5 halters, with variations on the same basic theme. The individual parts can be mixed and matched, as well as used on other types of tack.

HP646 Sample

Long Plate Sets
  For Bridles & Breastcollars

A selection of plates of different widths and lengths, to create matched Bridle and Breastcollar sets to go with our Corner Plate designs. Can also be used for halters and other items.

Bridle and Breastcollar Plates for Model Horse Tack

Bijoux & Small Scale "Rails"

— decorate Bijoux and Stablemate Halters, Bridles & Breastcollars —

Stable Halter Name Plates

Add a special touch to any stable halter with these plate sets. Use a plate on each cheek piece of the halter, and a little "ID Tag" to match! The plates can be used on any tack items, not just halters.

Trad. Stable Halter Name Plate Set

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