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Frequently Asked Questions and Info about our Rio Rondo News mailing list


When you fill in your email address to sign up for a subscription, you will receive an email with :

subject line : "confirm 12345545069054803" (a bunch of random characters)

The "From" address will be "news-request at"

THIS IS OFTEN CONSIDERED SPAM BY YOUR EMAIL PROVIDER! (nevermind yourself!) so be sure to look for this email in your spam/junk folders, "promotions" folder at gmail, etc. if you need to. It should arrive within 24 hours (perhaps even 24 seconds, depending).

All you need to do to confirm your subscription is
click your "reply" button, and send.

Once your confirm email has been received, you'll next get a "Welcome" email, with your name and password details (in clear text, so you can save it for reference).

The "Welcome" email will also include links so that you can manage your subscription. This is where you can choose html or plaintext email, digest format or individual emails, change your password, change the email address you want posts sent to, and unsubscribe.

The links above on this page will take you directly to the pages you may need to manage your own subscription.

Don't be alarmed if some of the pages you encounter don't look like the regular "Rio Rondo" website pages. The software that runs the mailing list is a bit inconsistent on what can be modified. If you're not sure, look in the bottom left corner and it should say "news at" to let you know it's really from us.

If you are having a problem using the forms and need to be sent an "invitation", it will operate the same as above. Just email us if you'd like us to send you an invite.

This is an Announcement-Only List

That means that you'll only get news posts from Rio Rondo, there are no discussions going on. If you click "reply" and try to post, it will just get dumped into an admin folder somewhere in the deep dark depths of the webserver. If you do wish to contact us, please email us at:

something like an address

What kind of announcements will I get?

We'll use this list to notify you of:

• New Products in the works, or arriving in stock
• Notifications when we receive shipments of items that have been out of stock
• Special Sales or Lottery notifications
• Changes to pricing, policies, product specifications, notable website updates, etc.

I just signed up... can I view recent posts I missed?

Yes you can... just click the "Archives" link above.

Will you be filling up my in-box?

Well, we sure hope not! We don't intend to use this list as a daily sales promotion or anything.
However, with the ongoing development of a new products, sometimes there's a lot of cool news and info we'd like to share (and pictures too!) that you might be interested in. Of course, you can always unsubscribe if you find the news list unhelpful to you.

I'm not getting any emails from the list, what do I do?

The first thing is to check the Archives (link is above) to see if there's any recent postings you've missed. If you do see posts there, that you didn't get in your email, you might try to look for it in your spam/junk/promotions folders (or wherever else it might have gotten stashed) and change any settings you need to so future emails will be filed where you expect to find them.

If your email is bouncing, your subscription will be automatically suspended after a time, and you'll need to contact us to get it re-instated.

Are you mining my data?

Are you kidding? We barely have time to pick up the dog mines in the back yard!
All kidding aside though, in a word: no. This is a private mailing list, and while I believe the Archives are set to be viewable to the public without a subscription, the mailing list itself and your email address is private. This may not be any issue to you, but just in case it is, now you know! We aren't linked or connected to any social networking site.
You're welcome to share the information, or invite your friends and other hobbyists though!

The rest of this is under construction!
We'll add to this page if any further issues or questions arise.